Metamoris Tickets On Sale Tomorrow

Professional Jiu-jitsu at its finest…

The experience at Metamoris 3 was designed by Jiu-jitsu enthusiasts for the Jiu-jitsu fanatic. Every sight and sound has been finely tuned to facilitate a pure Jiu-jitsu experience like nothing else. The height and size of the stage will make you feel like everything is close enough to touch and the athletes will seem larger than life under the white lights that illuminate them before the darkness of the room. Grab a drink and something to eat in the Metamoris Village and walk 40 feet back to your seat before the next match starts and the Brazilian drums sound!

All seats are the same price $100 (Less than the cost of a new Gi) with no taxes or fees, and the sooner you buy your ticket the closer your seat will be to the stage! This makes it possible for you to sit in the front few rows (if your quick) at a lower price point compared to the $350 it cost to be in the front rows at Metamoris 2. Every seat is VIP and because its a more intimate venue only 700 seats will be available, so et your alarm for 12:00 noon and be sure to do a light warm up before you get on the computer.

This Friday January 24th at 12pm (noon) Pacific time visit<> for tickets…

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