Michelle Nicolini Part 2: Retirement, MMA And Future Training

Leaving speak a bit of the past and talk about the future. What are the next steps in MMA?Already scheduled fight or contract with any event?

First week of July I present myself at Evolve MMA in Singapore. They plan my debut at One FC in September. I do not know with whom and not the exact day yet, because my focus is on the World Cup, but soon we will know.

What about the decision to go through literally half a world and move to Singapore? What motivated you?

I found there what I was looking for a long time. A great workout proposal, job, salary, stock and a great place to live. All married to succeed. I love my life and the way to take, just change even if the proposal was very good and it was !! The downside: stay away from my family.

You will train full time at Evolve MMA, one of the teams with the best human material world (Rafael dos Anjos, Askren Well, Shinya Aoki, among others). You spent a week there before training, and now back to stay. How was your experience there?

Their team of athletes is great and the best yet technical. Most there is a world champion in any sport struggle. I felt very safe. I was invited to spend a week there training but did not know it was going to roll a proposal to be an athlete them.

In my first training, I realized that several coachs were watching me and I tried to show the best (laughs), but I was out of shape. Training standing is not like Jiu for me. If I do not train I’m uncoordinated, rs.Anyway, I tried very hard, they called me to run in the street went, there was to staircase was also rs.Muay thai, NOGI, Sparring and so it was. On the last day the head coach called me and made me the proposal. I think he liked that at least I’m hardworking, rs.

They are doing something for me that I do not know if I could elsewhere. They are investing in a gross way and found the maximum. I felt that if I do not grab this opportunity now, would look back and say “hey if I had gone to Singapore …”. That’s it, changes are never easy especially when you’re happy in the middle that coexists, but I know this only me will benefit and will seek more far away this dream of being champion in MMA as well.

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