Michigan Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Michigan Jiu-Jitsu Championship is in 7 days (Saturday 1/17). Who willdefend their titles? Who will take those titles away?

REGISTRATIONMail-in registration deadline has passed. You can only register online orat the door. To register online, go tohttp://www.mbjjc.com/registration.php.

If you have registered already, verify your name and division athttp://www.mbjjc.com/athletelist.php.

REFUND POLICYAfter brackets have been finalized at the start of the competition, if youhave no one to fight, then you get a full refund. (Example: you signed upfor Purple belt Rooster and the only other Purple belt is Super SuperHeavy. Then you get a full refund.)

If you registered online, refunds will be processed electronically. If youpaid in cash, refund will be paid at the event. If you paid in cashier’scheck/money order, refund will be paid by check and sent in the mail afterthe event.

Regards,Sean BansfieldTournament Director

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