Mike Fowler Completes 880 Mile Walk Across Japan & Visits 108 Temples.


mike-fowler-bjj-japanBJJ Legend Mike Fowler Posts on Facebook today!  His Journey is complete.

Well today its offically over. 109 temples. The Shikoku 88. The Bekkaku 20. And the Koyasan. Words can’t explain what this is. The only way to know is to do it. The Angels I met along the way i will remeber forever. The new friends I made that share this common bond.

Thank you to everyone who helped. Everything served a purpose and went to use. I would like to share more but truly am at a loss for words. So ig you have any i will answer what i can before i fall asleep and more in my morning. A special thanks to Enson Inoue He was there for me my entire journey. Always encouraging, his words echong in my head the whole way. Since he has done the pilgrimage once and on his second, he knew what i was going thru.

I appreciate all the posts and comments from during my trip, as i catch up on them. Id post my feet, but they have swole to twice the size i last sent Enson…im sure he might share… lol I GoPro’d the entire thing so in the next month I will release a short film since the amount of footage.

I will share some clips as I go. Cant wait to go around again


Facebook Post from Edson Inoue >> https://www.facebook.com/enson.inoue

Congratulations Mike.

Blessed at 108 temples , 108 prayers said, over 880 miles walked, and a new and enlightened spirit. This journey had now ended but now a brand new journey has now begun.

You are 108 times more blessed, have a much better understanding of mind over matter, have better awareness of the appreciation of simple things in life that we have all overlooked, and the confidence that your spirit can endure much more than you had ever imagined.

When I saw this picture of you feet swelled up I didn’t think of the pain you are feeling but instead felt an overwhelming sense of contentment knowing you, my brother, are one off the few men I know that process the ability to spiritually and mentally overcome your physical body.

This journey had put you through mental, emotional, and physical anguish that would break the the normal man. I know there were numerous times you didn’t know if you could continue but did….. step by step putting one foot in front of the other.

No matter how much mental, emotional, physical pain you were feeling you kept moving forward. Yes at times the pace slowed to a point you felt discouraged but the important thing is you continued too move on.

Just like life, there will be things that slow you down our even knock you over but the important thing is that you always get back up and continue to move forward.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”.
Nelson Mandela

Yamatodamashii is a way of life!

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