Mike Fowler To Walk 900 Miles!

Mike Fowler BJJ Walk 900 Miles

Mike Fowler is one of OTM’s oldest Friends in the BJJ World!! He is a great Champion and has always taken a stand for what he believes in.

We want to wish him good luck and offer him our support in his journey.  I think I smell a book coming on after this.

From Mike’s Facebook

This it… in a few hours I start the Shikoku Pilgrimage. It will be close to 900 miles. I will visit 108 temples on the journey.

The reason for going on the pilgrimage vary from person to person. I hope to get a better understanding of myself and the strength for the challenges that life continually gives us.
I am a believer in the life of the samurai. Not the macho mentality or the actual fighting. ..but the servitude. I have always been very selfish and through jiujitsu and my family on Guam…I found myself wanting to help others. Almost to a fault…..where I sacrifice things for myself that others would consider foolish.

I want a change from within. ….to better understand my purpose in this life. For the past year I felt I lost my purpose. Something no one should ever have to go through. ..but that wouldnt be life.

On this walk I wont stay hotel…..only sleep outside.
I wont buy food unless is offered.
After 3 days that rule will be allowed to break and reset.
The only thing I will use money on.. is water.

Im not trying to kill myself..but rather push myself and test my spirit.
However death isnt uncommon on the journey..which is why you must wear white on the path.
In case the worst should happen..you are in the white burial clothes.

There are many rules that you can google about Shikoku pilgrimage. ..if Interested in more.

I wont be in social media and im turning my phone off.
To my students…you will be in my thoughts.
To the ichizoku…you will be in my heart.
To my family…you are in both

See everyone in a few months.

Big hugs and remember that martial arts has more to offer than just competition. In fact it’s a very small part. .. and that you are defined not by medals earned…but by the lives you have touched and uplifted.

Yamato damashii is a way of life.

Since ever since

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