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I caught up with the Wolfslair fighter and new Cage Gladiator Heavyweight champion, Tom Blackledge I caught up with the Wolfslair fighter and new Cage Gladiator Heavyweight champion, Tom Blackledge after a training session at the Widnes MMA academy and asked him a few quick fire questions about his recent win over Premyslaw Mysiala…………

CF: Tell us about the fight Tom.

TB: It started out, I threw a right body kick and did his ribs in by the look on his face and he went to throw a right kick and I threw a kick back and he fell on the floor; I jumped on top of him and punched him a few times and he went to get his guard back and I let him close his legs off and I threw a couple of elbows and that was it.

CF: Yeah, it was quite a nasty deep cut wasn’t it?

TB: Yes it was; the referee had no choice but to stop the fight.

CF: Is this the way you expected the fight to end? Where you happy about your performance?

TB: I think if it had continued the fight would have been over very soon.

CF: You think it was the kick that did the damage?

TB: Oh yeah for sure, that took the fight out of him, he wasn’t complaining about the outcome of the fight to be honest.

CF: You’ll be defending your belt now?

TB: I will be fighting again, November 4th, I know the opponent but I’m not allowed to say who just yet.

CF: Who have you thank for your training?

TB: Mario Sukata, Tony Quigley my boozing coach, Dave Jackson my Thai coach, Anthony and Lee, my managers and all the guys who train here and help me prepare me for action. Not forgetting my sponsors as well, Simon from Total Aggression Fightgear and Abitare, which is a furniture shop.

CF: You’re off to Turkey in September?

TB: That’s right, I’m on the UK squad competing at the FILA World Grappling Championships, going out the with Ebe Ghansah, who organised the UK trials and a host of top grapplers including Marc Goddard, Kathy Giffard, Tom Barlow and Neil Owen to name a few. Really looking to this event, four days of sunshine and a bit of grappling thrown in for good measure?

CF: Least there’s no one trying to punch your lights out in Turkey eh, providing you stay out of the nightclubs?

TB: (Laughs) That’s right Carl, bit easier on the body than the MMA.

CF: Well best of luck and get some sun on your back and have a good time with Ebe and the squad.

TB: Cheers Carl

The Fighting Photographer and all the UK grappling community wish Ebe and his UK team all the very best in the upcoming Championships in Turkey – fly the flag guys!!

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