Minotouro comments about the new event and his trainings for the UFC

 Rogério Nogueira and his brother, Rodrigo Minotauro, organized last January 15 the first edition of X-Fight MMA. The event aimed to promote the new brand of supplements of the Nogueira brothers. Minotouro talked about his new venture, revealed how his trainings to the fight against Tito Ortiz are, and analyzed his class in the UFC.


Talk about this new brand of supplements and the event that you have done?


The event was a success. We show that our team is here to stay. We had five fights and five victories. (André) Chatuba fought very well, I was apprehensive about it, because he’s a guy we’re working on, which should already be fighting abroad, and that victory was essential for negotiations to this end. Caldeirão fought very well, everybody was waiting for a knockout, but he fought against a tough opponent. It was good that he made a fight of three rounds, so he gets used to fight harder in his career. Alan (Chatuba), Henrique Negão, Mauricio Reis and Paulo Bananada were very good … So is this: the team won with five to zero, only great fights, and congratulations. And the event was very well organized and well produced. Clarissa and Julia, from the organization, did a great job, and Gazé was well in the marriage of fights … everything was round one, the crowd left satisfied. And also disclose our brand, with the presence of big names of fighting and friends like Pedro Rizzo, Murilo Bustamante, Amaury Bitetti, Robson Gracie … We were feeling the need to achieve a Brazilian brand of supplements, because we had been bringing from abroad. Now I think we have one of quality here, bringing raw materials imported from USA with a national price. And with the rules of the UFC, with the octagon, finished that of had to stop to fighting and pull way to the middle, as it was in the ring, the fight was more running, which intensified the preparation, using good supplementation, improving the performance.


How’s your training for your fight against Tito Ortiz?


Dude, I’m training a lot of my wrestling, which I think should be improved, and is improving. I am also training a lot of guard. He is dangerous, you can put the fight in the ground, but I think the difference will be the fight standing.


How do you see the clashes between Jones x Bader and Shogun x Rashad? And how do you see your category?


I think that Bader could complicate the fight for Jones. If Jones remains standing, takes advantage. But Bader is hard, has a good take down, has good ground and pound, and is fast. In Shogun’s fight, I think Shogun is the favorite, he’s a better striker … It can complicate if he fall down, but I also think that he ensures on himself and that he will put the fight standing. He have to be careful with the right punch of Rashad … It’s a fight of great athletes!


If Shogun holds the title you can get a rematch against him fighting for the belt?


Sure, why not? If I get there, because the road is hard, has a lot of stone on my way in this category. But the goal is this: to fight for the belt and stay on top of the category. First I have to prove my worth and get in the top, where he is.

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