MKimonos Hybrid Weave – Review

Company Name: MKimono

Kimono Model: Hybrid Weave
Weave: Hybrid         
Weight: Approximately 3.5 pounds
Durability: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (10 being best)     My Rating is an = 10
Color: White w/ Blue M logo
How to wash: Cold water & Hang dry
Shrinkage:   (YES read below)
Price: $200.00 US Dollars
Does it meet IBJJF regulations: YES
Size Chart:  Traditional Sizing (See Below)
(Size)   (Height)     (Height Meters)      (Weight lbs)     (Weight Kg)
A1        5’1"-5’6"         1.55-1.67              110-136               50-62
A2        5’6"-5’9"         1.67-1.76              136-161               62-73
A3        5’9"-6’1"         1.76-1.86              161-187               73-85
A4        6’1"-6’5"         1.86-1.95              187-209               85-95
Company History:  MKimonos was established in 1995 by Luciana & brother Marcelo Machado after Marcelo received his black belt from Master Royler Gracie. MKimonos which at one time was known as Machado Kimonos started in a small factory in Ilha do Governador in Rio. Luciana & Marcelo began selling kimonos to Marcelo students at Gracie Tujuca & Gracie Humaita which was ran by Royler Gracie. MKimonos are the originators of many of the new weaves we see today from the hybrid weave  & summer weave, and also the first company to use the gold weave.  Also being the being the first company to introduce fight shorts with kimono material added to inner thighs of shorts. In 2005 Luciana took over global operations & continues to make the best kimonos on the market.
Design: This is an enhancement on the legendary MKimonos Hybrid Weave kimono. MKimonos created the Hybrid weave in 2000 and it quickly became their most popular kimono. Making small enhancements on the original design continues to make it one of the most sought after designs in the industry. The 2011 design features the return to the classic Blue M and straight JIU-JISTU logo. This is one of our most requested embroidery combinations still to this day. The top contains proprietary revisions to two reinforcement points while maintaining the traditional, clean MKimonos lines. The pants feature three enhancements to the reinforcements, new quadruple stitching on the cuffs and a new corded drawstring.

Jacket:  The jacket is made from the highest quality cotton. MKimonos hybrid weave is made from one piece of material which eliminates a seam across the back which can make it uncomfortable to train in. The extra thick lapel gives your opponents a harder time holding on to it. This hybrid weave kimono jacket is tough, light, and very durable.
Pants: Pants are your standard cotton double thick pants with reinforced knees, which makes them perfect for everyday training. MKimonos added a cotton drawstring which does not come apart in the wash.
Reinforcements: This gi is loaded with reinforcements at the key stress areas. The sleeve cuffs & pant cuff s areas are reinforced with quadruple stitching. Other high stress areas like the inner crotch & armpit are reinforced with a stronger material to minimize any material defects.
Shrinkage: Shrinkage is minimal if you follow the directions. As per the site you are to wash the kimono in cold water and hang dry this allows the kimono to keep its size. After about a week of training I mistakenly washed it with my other kimonos in hot water & machine dried which lead to some shrinkage about 1 inch on the sleeves & ½ inch on the pants. Though I did not see it as a mistake it ended up fitting even better, though I do not recommend this.
Training: I wore the kimono every day for one month, since having to hang dry I was only afforded the opportunity to train once per day with it. The heavy duty reinforced knees added extra cushion when having to start on knees. Having an extra thick collar allowed me to break my opponents grip easily & also made it harder for them to hold for long periods of time. The fact that it is so incredibly light for a medium weight kimono and yet the jacket is a well-made Hybrid weave fabric, this is the perfect buy for someone who wants a durable kimono. The roominess allowed me to complete some of the highest level of techniques my coach’s ask of me.
Summary: If you are looking a kimono where you will get every dollar you put into out of it, MKimonos Hybrid weave is what you what. Not only will it hold up during every day training, it will last for years to come when kept in  rotation. I highly recommend this kimono to any serious jiu jitsu competitor or enthusiast who wants a top of the line kimono.
I am not sponsored by any company nor do I endorse any one brand. I am just your average bjj enthusiast who enjoys helping the jiu jitsu community by providing my own opinions and knowledge.
 Special Thanks:                                                                                                                                                        I want to thank Josh & Luciana of MKimonos for allowing me to conduct the review.

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