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 Are you interested in becoming a stunt professional or an actor wanting to do your own stunts?  Brood 9 Martial Arts is now offering a new series of stunt training courses to assist with this.    

Brood 9’s stunt training is intended for those individuals interested in pursuing a career as "stunt performers" or as actors who want to perform his or her own basic stunts.  This training consists of three 6-week courses that will instruct individuals in the basics of Stunts, Martial Arts for media, and fight choreography.  These courses are high impact and intense and teach you so much in a short time period.  

Classes will be Sunday Afternoons from 4pm-6:30pm.  

The first course begins September 26th and will focus on Stunt Movement.  Some of the topics that will be covered are: 






•Partner Stunts



•Basic Tumbling


About the Instructor:  

Anthony Eisenhower has over 15 years of experience studying, practicing and teaching martial arts and stunts. He has performed stunt and fight choreography for music videos, commercials and various film and television projects including Alias and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Contact: for all the details


STUDIO Location:

    Brood 9 Martial Arts

    6508 1/2 Arizona Ave.

    Los Angeles, CA 90045

(Corner of Sepulveda & Centinela, behind Dinah’s)




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