MMA News and Notes: 1-12-2016

One thing about being an MMA fan is it is never going to be boring. There is always things that will happen in this sport that excite you, make you scratch your head or just down right question why you follow the new, and today is one of those days.

I, as nearly everyone, was outraged at the five year suspension that was given to Nick Diaz for his failed dug test for weed. Yes, it was his third failed test, but he had multiple clean test surrounding the failed test and if that test twas taken a few months later he would have been well within he legal limit, so it was hard to stand by the commissions decision to suspend him for so long when they just handed down a year suspension to a fighter for using steroids. His defense was it was a sex drug he took that someone gave him in a gym. Yah that was fair right?

Well, it looks like fortunes have reversed as Diaz is now only suspended 18 months and can return as soon as August of this year. It is unknown if or when he will fight, but is fifth chance has to be the one where he corrects his mistakes right? Plus, he got a little bit of cash back with his fine for the failed drug test being reduced as well.

Also, making the news today is jesus Juice drinker and consensus number one contender in the Middleweight division, Yoel Romero, failing an out of competition drug test through USADA. While it is unknown why he failed it, if it was for certain failed and wha the implications are, everyone is ready to throw this giant former Olympian to the lions. While it does not look like juicer’s loss to the fighter will be overturned, it may open the chance up for him to get the title shot regardless due to Romero being ineligible to fight, or it may give more credence to the instant rematch fans have been clamoring for between Weidman and Rockhold. in the end, it just goes to show that no one is free of the USADA eye as more people have continually been caught due to the new drug enforcement that has been going on in and outside the confines of the cage.

In the last bit of news, there has been official word that UFC 197 will be going forward with its proposed co-main events of Holly HolmĀ taking on Miesha Tate and the Featherweight champion Conor McGregor facing Rafael dos Anjos for his Lightweight title. It will take place in Vegas on March 5th. You just have to think about how Frankie Edgar feels right now…

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