Mundial 1996

This was the very first World Championships of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

This was the very first World Championships of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The tapes were orginally produced by Master Oswaldo Paqueta back in 1996 just after the event. OTM took the old master and did some color corrections and re digitized the masters so you can now enjoy these historical matches clearly. Some of you may already have a copy of a copy of this tape. Now is a chance to get a brand new copy. It is great to look back at the masters fighting in their primes. You can also see just how much the game has developed in some areas and see how much is still lacking from back then. Until the CBJJ stepped up started hold a World Championship events in Brazil were loosely organized. This is a great must have tape for any BJJ history buff. On this tape we get our first look at guys that would become legends in Jiu Jitsu and in No Holds Bared. The tapes features the following fights and is 2 hours long. Roleta x Wallid Ismail Ricardo Liborio x Renco Pardoel Gordo x Rogerio Olegario (ET) Jamelao x Sergio Penha Liborio x Marcelo Figueiredo Megaton x Soneca Fabio Gurgel x Amuary Betteti Royler Gracie x Joao Roque Renato Barreto x Muzio Cebolinha x Draculino Murilo Bustamante x Fabio Gurgel Liborio x Castelo Branco

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