MUNDIALS 2006 Quick results – The Asoluto Crown goes to Xande Ribeiro

Xande Ribeiro of Gracie Humaita was the big name inthis Mundials 2006 at Tijuca Tennis Clube Gymnasium.He conquered his weight class and avenged himself ofRoger Gracie (who beat him at Pan American 2006) atAbsoluto finals.

Galo:Daniel Otero def. Evaniel Oliveira by 6-4 [advantages]

Pluma:Bibiano Ferreira came across like the winner of thisdivision due to the disqualification of bothsemifinalists(Dai Yoshioka and Carlos Holanda) by lackof enough action.

Pena:Rubens Charles def. Marcio Feitosa by 8-0

Leve:Celso Vinícius def. Mario Reis by 5-0

Medio:Marcelo Garcia def. Andre Galvao by 2-0

Meio Pesado:Braulio Estima def. Delson Pe-de-Chumbo by 6-4

Pesado:Xande Ribeiro def. Thiago Gaia by lapel’s choke 4min40s;

Super Pesado:Roger Gracie def. Robert Drysdale by choke from themount 3min30s;

Pesadissimo:Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga def. Leonardo Leite by 4-0

Absoluto:Xande Ribeiro def. Roger Gracie by 4-4 [2-1]

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