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Since the fight between myself and Joe Lauzon was announced in January, there was a lot of hype surrounding the fight. I had the honor of fighting a great fighter in a UFC Fight Night Main Event, which featured a star studded card that was shown live on Spike TV. All the fights entertained the sold out crowd in Broomfield, Colorado. Accordingly, as a fighter and fan, I would like to thank Spike, Joe Silva, Dana White, the Fertittas and everyone at ZUFFA for organizing a stacked card that delivered excitement and surprises.

I was honored to be back at the birthplace of what the world today knows as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). UFC 1 was held in Denver back in 1993. This event featured Royce Gracie, who inspired me and my brothers to start training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.MY FIGHT

I trained very hard for this fight and was completely prepared for the altitude along with the pressure and the many skills of my opponent.

Joe Lauzon was a tough challenge. We were fighting for Boston bragging rights and fighting to climb the UFC lightweight ladder. Even though I was the favorite heading into this fight, Joe was rapidly moving up the UFC lightweight ranks. There was a lot of pressure on me, but I loved it!

I knew Joe had trained extremely hard for this fight. Although he did not have as many UFC fights as myself, overall he still had more MMA fight experience. His training camp featured two MMA world champions in BJ Penn and Urijiah Faber. Not surprisingly, Joe was very confident heading into the fight since he had knocked out former UFC lightweight world champion Jens Pulver and was victorious in his next two UFC fights.

Joe quickly came at me and fought for everything. We found ourselves fighting in every range of MMA. I thought it was a fun fight to be a part of and a fun fight for the fans watching. The UFC awarded it “Fight of the Night” honors.


My coaches are simply the best in the game. I wish I could have shown more of what they have taught me. I truly believe I have the best eyes and ears on me in my corner. Thus, I would like to thank the following amazing individuals: Keith Florian (BJJ/MMA), Mark DellaGrotte (Muay Thai/MMA – Sityodtong), Kevin Kearns (Strength and Conditioning), Peter Welch (Boxing) and Jesse Kropelnicki (Nutritionist/Cardio Coach).

I would also like to thank my management team of Ron Weinberg, Joe Cavallaro and Raffi Nahabedian for all of their help and support.

My sponsors are a pleasure to work with. They include: One More Round, Sprawl Fightshorts, VersaClimber, Tourtellote Solutions,, Driftaway Flotation Spas, TUF GUY Productions and Shoyoroll Kimonos. Make sure you check them out and support them!!!

Other important people to thank for help with my training include: Neil Legallo, Scott Rehm, Jorge Rivera, Marcus Davis, “Murilo Ninja” Rua, Alberto Crane, Steve Whittier, Andreas Jeudi, Wilson Reis, Jared Weiner, John McDonough, Sean Matthews, Jimmy “Da Greek”, Jimmy Leblanc, Amal Easton & family, Greg Rebello, Tyrone Glover, Eric Armington, Matt Smith, Dan Bonnell, Mauricio Zingano, Tim Barchard, Cesar Barros and all the other great training partners at Sityodtong Boston who challenge and support me every day.

To my fans all over the world, I want to thank you so much for your kind messages. You help push me to the next level.

I would like to dedicate this fight to my family for their amazing support and love they always show me. I thank God for keeping me strong for this fight.


I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given and hope for another tough opponent that will really excite UFC fans.

I willl be back to work in a few days. Rest assured, I will be training hard as ever, training with more world class athletes. I will be looking to evolve and grow as a fighter as I await word on my next challenge. I hope to return to the Octagon in a few months.

Stay with the Flo,

Kenny Florian

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