NAGA World Championships; Returns to Chicago (Milwaukee), Atlanta; Reality Fighting in New Hampshire &New Jersey


NAGA World Championships



Sat., April 21, 2007Doors open at 8:00 a.m.Jersey City Armory, Jersey City, NJOver 360 Gi & No-Gi Divisions!This event is

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NAGA’s largest tournament of the year is back. Last year the World Championships had 1800 competitors! The Jersey City Armory is located in Northern New Jersey with easy access from all points, including public transportation from New York City. This is by far the largest venue a NAGA has ever been held in. There will be 16 competition rings running at once.

Newly designed championship belts will be awarded to the winners of the expert divisions. There are Expert divisions for; men, women, kids, and teens.

For this tournament there have been a number of extra divisions added. There are more Master divisions, boys and girls are being separated in the kids and teens divisions, more adult weight classes, and more!

The top three teams in each category (Adult Gi, Adult No-Gi, Kids/Teens) will receive a custom award which will include their team logo.


Reality Fighting Domination



Saturday, April 28, 2007Doors open at 7, first fight at 8:00 pmEverett Arena, Concord, NH860-295-0403President@nagafighter.com

More information is available at


Reality Fighting comes to Concord, NH. The main event will be for the Welterweight Title, as Justin Hammerstrom (Tengu) defends against undefeated Mike Campbell (Borrelli Fighting Systems). More fight details will be available at

NEW ENGLAND WELTERWEIGHT TITLE FIGHTJustin Hammerstrom (Tengu) vs. Mike Campbell (Borrelli Fighting Systems)

NEW ENGLAND MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE FIGHTNate Kittredge (Green Mountain) vs. Jesse Peterson (Rumford Hardcore)

HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE FIGHTJohn Champa (Blazing Sun IMB) vs. Jason Dolloff (Rumford Hardcore)

ALSO FIGHTINGNate Lamotte (Burgess) vs. Myron Williams (Freestyle)Darryl MarcAurele (Strikezone) vs. Khristian Geraci (Pitt Fight Club)Anthony Romeo (CMFC) vs. Kamal (NESF)Todd Chattelle (Elite MA) vs. TBABrian Gosselin (Extreme) vs. TBARigo Dominicci (Freestyle) vs. Belleton Frederic (SSSF)Glenn Brown (Green Mountain) vs. Tim Alexander (Borrelli FS)Corey Peterson (CMFC) vs. Eddie Felix (Dragon Warrior)Josh Grispi (SSSF) vs. Glenn Medeiros (Gillett)Jay Fortier (Burgess) vs. Bobby Balaschi (RSD)Chris Grandmaison (Renzo-NH) vs. Brent Kingsley (White Mountain)Shawn Pacheco (Renzo-NH) vs. Ryan Carlsten (Borrelli FS)Ethan Kean (Royce Gracie) vs. John Roderick (IMB-CT)Jonathan Sola (Burgess) vs. Gary Cameron (Freestyle)Dennis Olsen (Tengu) vs. Casey Tierney (Borrelli)


If you are interested in fighting on a future Reality Fighting fight card please email:


Reality Fighting New Hampshire



Saturday, May 19, 2007Doors open at 7, first fight at 8:00 pmBernie Robbins Stadium, Atlantic City860-295-0403President@nagafighter.com

More information is available at


Reality Fighting will be holding its first outdoor show ever at the awesome Bernie Robbins Stadium (formerly The Sandcastle) in Atlantic City, NJ. Baseball will take a back seat to a night of intense mixed martial arts action. The evening will culminate with a fireworks extravaganza.

LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE FIGHTTim Boetsch (Wrestling) vs. Lewis Pascavage (KOA/Miletich)

MAIN CARDBrendan Barrett (Ronin) vs. Russell Bowen (Joe Guido)Chris Volo (AMA/Renzo) vs. Braden Bice (Freestyle)James Meals (AMA/Renzo) vs. Andrew Montanez (Freestyle)Matthew Douglas (KOA/Miletich) vs. Brett Kohan (Rhino)Nick Catone (Renzo/Almeida) vs. Chris French (Freestyle)Don Wagner (Freestyle) vs. Dave Porter (Freestyle)Brian McLaughlin (Hudson Valley BJJ) vs. Joe Vitale (Freestyle)

ALSO FIGHTING:Brendan Weafer (FAA)Dom Stanco (Bellmore)Bryce Harrell (KOA/Miletich)Joseph Aviles (Jungle Gym)Ronnie Wuest (ROC)Gabriel Toribio (Serra)Rich Walters (KOA/Miletich)

More names and match ups coming soon! Keep checking for the latest news.


If you are interested in getting on this fight card please email:


Reality Fighting New Hampshire



Sat., May 26, 2007Doors open at 8:00 a.m.Bayview High School, Milwaukee, WIOver 200 Gi & No-Gi Divisions!This event is

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NOTE: The Midwest Grappling Championship was moved from Chicago to Milwaukee. This move was due to issues with new laws the state of Illinois has adopted towards grappling sports. Milwaukee is only an hour north of Chicago, so come join us for some great grappling action.

NAGA will make its first appearance in the great state of Wisconsin for the Midwest Grappling Championship. This tournament will take place during Memorial Day weekend. Come grapple on Saturday afternoon then start your holiday celebration.

Samurai swords will be given to all competitors who win their division.

The Superfight will feature Milwaukee’s own, Henry Matamoros vs. Carlson Gracie grappler, Jay Valko.

There will be a no-gi Absolute division, the winner will take home a championship belt.


NAGA U.S. Nationals



Sat., June 9, 2007Doors open at 8:00 a.m.Suwanee Sports Acad., Suwanee, GAOver 200 Gi & No-Gi DivisionsThis event is

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On June 9, 2007, NAGA will be hosting our United States Nationals event at the Suwanee Sports Academy, located in Suwanee, GA (the Northside of Atlanta). The Southeast United States is home to many of the top grappling teams in the country. Come test yourself against some of the best competition that is out there.

Come grapple in the morning/afternoon then stick around for some great MMA fights in the evening.


Reality Fighting New Hampshire



Saturday, June 9, 2007Doors open at 7, first fight at 8:00 pmSuwanee Sports Acad., Suwanee, GA860-295-0403President@nagafighter.com

Information will be available soon at

Reality Fighting is excited about making our debut in the great state of Georgia. Georgia has an impressive MMA scene which Reality Fighting is proud to be a part of. This will be a pro and amateur event.

Fighters from gyms all over the South will be sending fighters to compete in this event. Some gyms to be represented are:

Team Knuckle UpHardcore GymRelson GracieAcademy of Fighting ArtsPaul CreightonModern ExtremeTeam CSW

More names and match ups coming soon! Keep checking for the latest news.

We are still looking for fighters! Please contact Joe Cuff at: to get on this fight card.


NAGA would like to welcome on board two new sponsors for our grappling events, Scion, and Cryogel.

For more information on each of these companies and their products click the image below. Both companies will have product information available at NAGA grappling tournaments.

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