Nathan Mendelsohn’s American BJJ Player Blog: Awesome Training with Raul Castillo and Sam Temko!

 Hey guys!


This last Thursday we were blessed with a visit to our academy in Santa Cruz from two high level jiu-jitsu and MMA competitors from Half Moon Bay in Raul Castillo and Sam Temko! Raul and his team have always been friends of ours but recently they became officially a part of Coalition 95! Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had some tough rival or another from their school to compete against at all of the local competitions, the most recent of which being fellow black belt Adam Picollotti. It is great to know that now we can combine forces and work together as a part of the same team instead of always competing against each other! The addition of Raul Castillo’s team to Coalition 95 has added a multitude of tough competitors to our roster of athletes and has greatly strengthened what was already a tough team poised for success! Thank you so much Raul Castillo and Sam Temko for the hard training!! Looking forward to much more in the future!!


Stay Tuned!! Ossssss

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