Nathan Mendelsohn’s American BJJ Player Blog: Caio Terra’s Pan Am Camp Comes to a Close

 Hey everybody!!


Yesterday was the last day of Caio Terra’s training camp for lightweight athletes and it was a killer camp that I am really glad to have been able to participate in. 


Because of my schedule I was only able to attend the afternoon portion of the camp on mondays and wednesdays but the mix of positional sparring, drills and matches with high level black belts such as Queixinho, Samir Chantre, Marcos Torregrosa and Caio Terra himself made some huge differences in my game that have helped to make me really confident for pan ams!


Now its time to slow down my training while still maintaining my body in competition shape and staying on weight. Wednesday will be my last day training jiu-jitsu before the pan ams, on friday we travel and sunday TEM GUERRA!!


Stay tuned!!



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