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This past week I had the opportunity to get a crossfit session in here in Sao Paulo alongside my buddies Patrick, Marco, and Leo. Leo Eboli is the brother of brown belt Rafa Eboli who is my number one training partner back in the states and I’m staying here with Leo during my time in Sao Paulo. Patrick and Marco are Leo’s friends and even though I only met them this last week it already feels like I’ve known them forever. I have been training a lot of crossfit back in Santa Cruz with super coach Greg Amundson and so I decided to tag along with my buddies and try out an introductory class at a gym here in the area.

There is a lot of controversy about whether or not crossfit is good for fightsport athletes like myself but I am most definitely a firm supporter. Like anything else the quality of the training you are going to get will depend on the gym you’re at and the instructors there and you also have to be smart and watch out for your own body, never letting anyone force you past your own limit. Our gym at Claudio Franca BJJ in Santa Cruz was actually one of the first places crossfit inventor Greg Glassman started teaching Crossfit and the original Firebreather Greg Amundson was there from the beginning. About a year ago Greg opened a gym right near my house in Santa Cruz and I’ve been training with him ever since. He is an awesome coach and the level of specialized personal attention he manages to give to each and every one of his students is quite impressive. I have fought with multiple world champions in the last year including Outavio Sosa and Michael Langhi and the one comment they all make is that I feel extremely strong and that is a testament to the effectiveness of Coach Amundson’s training. UFC fighter Gray Maynard also trains with us at Crossfit Amundson and he is another firm supporter of the method. Coach Amundson even gives Gray and I special attention and secialized training tailored toward our specific sports and is even going to start a class dedicated to training for Fight Sports

The Crossfit session we did here in Sao Paulo was just an introductory class and thus was low in intensity but it was fun to get a sweat in with some good friends. It was also fun to talk with the instructor about how Claudio’s gym right next to my house was one of the places Crossfit began and that now, here I am in Brazil training Crossfit in the middle of Sao Paulo. Kind of a trippy experience to see how far Crossfit has spread.

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