Nathan Mendelsohn’s American Jiu-Jitsu Player Blog: US Open Time!

 Hey everybody!!


Since I’ve been back from Brazil I’ve been working hard to heal up from the injuries I brought back with me as well as get ready for this weekend’s US Open!


Two of my Brazilian friends from GFTEAM, black belt Theodoro Canal and brown belt Alberto Ramos, are staying with me at my house here in Santa Cruz this week for the tournament. I stayed at Theodoro’s house most of the time that I was in Brazil so its nice to return the favor a bit if only for a week this time. Theodoro is one of the top black belt featherweights in the world and I’m stoked to see him fight once again. We will also be receiving black belts Wallace Castro, Igor Silva and Bruno Alves here in my home this weekend, as well as purple belt Devin Rourke from Amal Easton’s Academy who I met down in Rio this year.


I’m really excited for this year’s US Open. We’re moving to a much larger venue in San Jose, and though those of us who live here in Santa Cruz are sad to see the tournament leave our town, I’m glad to see the tournament constantly growing. I’ve got a tough bracket and I’m confident as I go for gold in weight and absolute. There’s one rematch in my bracket that I’m especially looking forward to. Theodoro’s bracket is also looking good as he’s slated to face Marcos Torregrosa, so that should also be a killer fight. 


Gonna be an awesome tournament! See you there!

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