Nathan Mendelsohn’s American Jiu-Jitsu Player in Brazil Blog, Entry #6: Rodolfo Vieira gets ready for ADCC!!

 Hey everybody!


While training here at GFTEAM lately I’ve had the opportunity to watch good friend Rodolfo Vieira (another of the top level black belts that I’ve had the honor of receiving in my home in California) as he gets ready for the upcoming ADCC.


The man is a monster. He’s been training only no gi since I’ve been here and he does 10 minute match after 10 minute match almost without resting for the entire duration of the class. He trains without ego which I find really impressive. He trains in positions where he’s not comfortable, tries new techniques he just learned, and I’ve even seen him tap various times but never does it seem to bother him. I even saw him using a detail from the armbar that I showed him!! Better believe that brought a smile to my face. 


Yesterday he took off to Texas to train some wrestling for a couple weeks leading up to the big tournament, and everyone here misses him already.


Rodolfo is an awesome guy and a truly humble champion and I wish him the best of luck in ADCC and the rest of his career.


Stay tuned!!!

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