New Black Belts – Jitesh, Alex, and Ricardo!

We just finished the Gracie Academy winter belt ceremony and it was a joyous occasion to say the least. Altogether the Gracies awarded 36 blue belts, 9 purple belts, and 3 brown belts. The highlight of the ceremony was when black belts were awarded to three of the Academy’s most dedicated instructors: Jitesh Patel, Alex Stuart and Ricardo Bayona. Thanks for everyone who came out to support the promotion recipients. To view the full list of promotion recipients, click here.

Black Belts:

Alex Stuart

Jitesh Patel

Ricardo Bayona

Brown Belts:

David Abou-Halaka

Cheryl Kau

Mike Everett


Purple Belts:

Bob Black

Charles Ted Simpson

Daniel Miranda

Francisco Jay Mappala

Greg Bell

Rudy Svorinich

Vincent DiCarlo

Walker Shiflet


Blue Belts:

Alex Mascola

Adrian Torres

Bret Piere

Brye Cooper

Clyde Campos

Daniel Andrade

Daniel Tang

Denis Dubrovin

Dustin Morrison

Emily Chou

Erik Navarrete

Freddy Arroyo

Gen Ki

Gilbert Raposa

Greg Wintroub

Hadi Al Meraikhi

Ivan Del Razo

Jared Hiram

Jesse Nakamura

Keith Geiger

Kim Schneeberger

Larry Ordinario

Lupita Silvestre

Mario Dubon

Mario Gomez

Michael Landoch

Michael Vrana

Nohan Antonio Cruz

Nowell Gray

Rade Curuvija

Reza Aminsalehi Jr.

Selenia Leal

Sylwester Wyrzykowski

Takeshi Hayashi

Wendy Wang

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