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Garry Tonon has been lighting up the grappling circuit as of late with scintillating submission in multiple events. That train did not stop this weekend as he took out one of Australia’s top grapplers in Kit Dale with a guillotine submission off a scramble. This was one of the fastest submissions of the night, and he did it faster than most other competitors at the event. This was Tonon’s first Metamoris event but with a performance like this, it would not be a surprise to see him invited back again or even compete for a promotional title through the promoters of this event.

Tonon’s walkout t-shirt was done by none other than the long running Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) company On The Mat (OTM). Tonon is known mostly for his prowess on the mats without the Gi. That does not mean that he cannot perform with the Gi, but he owns his abilities in the No-Gi arena. This t-shirt exemplifies that with its catch phrase being “A G without the Gi” and above the phrase is OTM and Garry Tonon. There is also some phrases on the back that says Tonon’s catch phrase that “You can’t defend a choke with your face” and the fighterplus logo at the bottom of the back of the shirt. Above the phrase on the back everyone will be able to tell which team you are on as it clearly stated Team Tonon.

Garry Tonon is one of the many athletes that OTM has sponsored over the years, and like most of the athletes they sponsor, he exemplifies the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Tonon whose nickname is “The Lion Killer” attained his black belt under the guidance of former UFC fighter Tom Deblass. Of course, fighting with out a Gi is Tonon’s world while Dale is better known for his prowess in the Gi and there is already talks of a rematch. Dale says that since he went into Tonon’s world of No-Gi he wants a fight in his choice, the Gi, which Tonon effectively calls pajamas. If this does go down it will be interesting to see Tonon compete in a Gi which does not happen very often.

This shirt is one of a kind because not many people have  Tonon shirt to support one of the biggest and best up and coming black belt grapplers in the US if not in the whole world. 2014 has been a banner year for him winning multiple events and submitting multiple top grapplers. With a little less than half the year left, Tonon will sure make more of in pact before the new year with a slew of grappling events left in the months to come.

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