NEW GENERATION TOURNAMENT II: Italian mma is on the map.

New Generation Tournament second edition. An mma event for the growing italian mma fans base. The show has the goal to become an estabilished event in Italy and Europe. For young fighters like for better known italian and foreignier athletes. We expect a big feed back from this show, that will be held in Milan area the night of the 25th of March. In the previous event many fighters who were in have had the opportunity to fight in the biggest european arenas, like Cage Rage and Cagewarriors. The organization of the event has made any effort to give exposure to the fighters involved in, giving publicity in Italy and abroad. In the card there will be the opportunity to see fighters from Italy, Cecenia, Holland, Morocco, England, Wales, France, Greece, Japan and Usa. From Holland Remco Pardoel is bringing 2 of his top pupils, David Haagsma and Jordy Peute, from Japan Enson Inoue is showing to the european crowd one of his best students, Pat “Gori-Chan” Ayuyu. From Wales we will have Paul Jenkins, the most active fighter in Europe, while Italy will be represented by some of his best fighters, like Cristian Binda, Francesco Ligato (Cage Rage veteran), Marco Santi, Stefano Cherubini and Imad Barakat. It will be a night of action with all these fighters coming from all over the world. A night to not be missed. Referees Didier Le Borgne and Ivan Serati.

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