New HEMP Lucky Gi Release

hemp lucky gi

hemp lucky gi

The problem with some Gis out there is that they are not actually real hemp or they are not quality hemp.

Took me 6 months tio make this BJJ Gi.

Been doing this almost 20 years.

Quality over quantity.

This Gi fits better and better with each wash rather than the opposite where they shrink like a mother.

This Gi will not only look clean as heck and have the strength of a Warrior’s armor.

The New Hemp Gi will smell nice and will hold up when the storm hits and training partners are trying to give it a King King death grip.

I take my job pretty seriously and I’m not saying this to brag or puff my chest, FYI.

I am making sure you understand what’s up.

The VIP list is near capacity and I do not want you clicking THIS page and seeing a sign that says closed.

I don’t want you emailing me about a Gi that I no longer have.


I would hate for you to miss your chance and see someone wearing the Gi and then see you salivating over it.

It’s that clean-looking!

NOTE: Only 130 Gis will be offered next Tuesday at 10 AM.

When the [VIP] hits capacity it’s over (so, you literally only have a few more hours at this rate).

So enter your email for first notice when this GI is offered. You will get a chance to look it over and see what all the hype is about.

My word is my bond, so when you see this you will be pretty excited, guaranteed or never get a Gi from me again.

The only issue is the size of my newsletter is huge, so I am almost filled with spots to even see this New Deluxe Hemp Gi.

And there are close to 78,000 people on my OTM newsletter getting an email (basically time is literally of the essence)

So get on it here below right now so you don’t end up having to email me after the fact. I hate to have to say “sorry, it’s too late, someone else got your spot on the VIP list.”

[New Hemp Lucky Gi]

Please note also (and it’s pretty darn important), when I send out the order page on June 30th you will get the email according to when you got on the [VIP list]. The email will be throttled. So that is why you need to get on the VIP list literally right now.

In summary,even just to get a glance at this deluxe Gi you will need to be on this [VIP list].

Good Luck guys!


P.S. When the 300 mark hits the [VIP page] it will say closed so please be aware and no emails asking to be placed on the VIP list after

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