New York is Finally Ready for MMA

Mixed Martial Arts has always wanted to escape into the world of New York, but for some reason whether it be greed, corruption or downright stupidity they have never had a chance there. Yes, the underground smokers that are very dangerous were allowed to take place, but a sanctioned both containing some of the worlds best fighter never made it to the state despite the “sport entertainment” business of WWE holding plenty of events in Madison Square Garden. Well, Zuffa’s prayers have been answered as they now are allowed to bring the sport of MMA to New York and do not have to hide out in New Jersey anymore.

One of the biggest stalling blocks for the UFC was removed when he was indicted on counts of corruption and the general assembly and council has allowed the sport to come. Zuffa spent no time letting their intentions be known as they want to hold two events in the state. Do not be surprised if they hold a smaller fight night first just to dip their toes in, but they also said just because they are in New York they may not jump into NYC right away. Also, they said expect their debut to be huge. It would make sense that the first PPV and NYC match will involve Jon Jones, but since he is already lined up for a fight that is why they may wait to hop into NYC.

Nonetheless, this is a  big victory for the sport as it was nearly driven to extinction many years ago due to athletics commissions, but now it is thriving, on network television and putting on shows across the globe. NYC just gained a lot more money for its coffers by allowing UFC to take over it city and state.

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