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After my fight with Dokonjonosuke Mishima on Thursday, April 5th, the celebration was brief. My mindset was on getting back into the Octagon as soon as possible.

On the plane home, my strength and conditioning coach, Kevin Kearns, was busy working on my conditioning program while my brother Keith and Mark DellaGrotte, my MMA coaches drew up plans of their own. The following Monday, I resumed my training and have not stopped.

My opponent at UFC 73, Alvin Robinson, has a 9-1 record. He’s making his UFC debut, which means he will be eager to quickly establish himself in the lightweight division and no doubt will come ready for battle. Alvin is an accomplished wrestler, a submission expert and has a solid striking game. I consider this to be a more challenging fight than Mishima.

Between fights, my goal is to improve my game. I assume my opponents are doing likewise. I am ready to go through hell to win, because I have already gone through it in preparing for this fight.


P.S. Team Kenny Florian recently signed a sponsorship agreement with Heart Rate Inc., makers of the VersaClimber. Over the last few months, the VersaClimber has really helped me get to a higher level of fitness. It’s a killer!

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