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BJJ No Gi & Grappling Tournament… and “Last Chance” Grappling Qualifier August 23, at No Limits MMA in Irvine, Calif.

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The Last Chance Grappling Qualifier will be held at No Limits MMA in Irvine, Calif. on Saturday, August 23. This is the last event of the USA Grappling World Team Trials Qualifying Series.

The deadline for online registration for the Last Chance Grappling Qualifier is Wednesday, August 20, at 10 p.m. CST. The cost for online registration is $50, a substantial savings from the $75 on-site registration fee. To register online, A complete flier on the Last Chance Grappling Qualifier can be downloaded at:Last Chance Qualifier Flyer

Senior-level competition for men and women will include advanced and novice divisions. Advanced and novice divisions will also be offered at the high school and kids level.

Weight classes will be determined using the Madison System after weigh-ins for the adult novice division, as well as the high school and kids levels.

The No Limits MMA facility in Irvine has been designated as the USA Wrestling National Training Center for Grappling and Sombo.

For more information on this event, contact Karen Santaniello,, (949) 251-8822

This USA Wrestling sanctioned qualifier will some of the best Grapplers in the countrythe opportunity to compete at the 2008 Grappling World Team Trials. The World Team Trials will be held at Sierra College in Rocklin, Calif., September 13-14.

In order to qualify for the 2008 U.S. Grappling World Team Trials, which is for advanced senior-level athletes, men must place in the top four in their weight class and women must place in the top three of their weight class. Returning 2007 U.S. World Team Trials champions automatically qualify for the 2008 U.S. World Team Trials.

The 2008 U.S. Grappling World Team will compete at the FILA Grappling World Championships in Lucerne, Switzerland on December 20-21. The team, which is sponsored by No Limits MMA, looks to maintain their international dominance after last year?s performance at the World Wrestling Games when the U.S. swept all nine gold medals.

All athletes must have a USA Wrestling membership and be U.S. citizens to be eligible to compete in the Grappling World Team Trials Qualifying Series as well as the U.S. Grappling World Team Trials. You can purchase a USA Wrestling membership on; special one day cards will be made available for $10 for this qualifier only.

For more information on the 2008 Grappling World Team Trials contact Jason Townsend at (719)598-8181 or

Updated list of Qualifiers (as of 7/31/08)

Women:105.5 lbs.Lisa Ward (United Training Center) – returning World Team Trials ChampionEllen Stenard (Team Quest) – 1st Northwest

121 lbs.Felicia Oh (BJMUTA) – returning World Team Trials ChampionBahar Shahidi (Grappler?s Edge) – 1st So. Cal.Vanessa Hardy (Riverside Submissions) – 2nd So. Cal.Betsy Jones (Capitol Jiu-jitsu Team) – 1st Mid-AtlanticDanielle Hobeika (Unattached) – 1st Midwest

138.5 lbs.Tara Larosa (Philadelphia Fight Factory) – returning World Team Trials ChampionGinele Marquez-Lee (Combat Submission Wrestling) – 1st So. CalCarla O?Connell (No Limits MMA) – 2nd So. Cal.Sandy Nickal (Rio Rancho Wrestling Club) – 1st Rocky Mtn.Bethany Marshall (Modern American MMA) – 1st Mid-AtlanticCindy Hales (Gracie Barra Seattle) – 1st Northwest

158.5 lbs.Valerie Worthington (New Breed JJ) – returning World Team Trials ChampionLindsay Thorsen (No Limits MMA) – 2nd So. Cal.Angela Poe (Grappler?s Edge) – 1st Rocky Mtn.Tori Adams (Colorado Fight Factory) – 2nd Rocky Mtn.Meisha Tate (Victory Athletics) – 1st Northwest

Men:136.5 lbs.Darren Uyenoyama (Fogtown JJ) – returning World Team Trials ChampionVinh Phung (No Limits MMA) – 1st So. Cal.Alejandro Zeas (Team Yamasaki) – 1st Mason DixonDan Gupton (Primal Grappling) – 2nd Mason DixonAndrew Perez (Air Force) – 1st Rocky Mtn.Ryan Hall (USOEC) – 2nd Rocky Mtn.Leonard Snow (Grappler?s Edge) – 3rd Rocky Mtn.Roger Stewart (NYAC) – 4th Rocky Mtn.Robert Lopez (Urban Jungle) – 1st So. PlainsJustin Thrift (CTA) – 1st Mid-AtlanticOdis Wesby (Katch Wrestling) – 2nd Mid-AtlanticBrad Cromis (Team Choco) – 3rd Mid-AtlanticEric Anderson (Minnesota Martial Arts Academy) – 1st MidwestManuel Ortiz Jr. (Uflacher Academy) – 2nd MidwestCesar Guillen (Bessel Park PD) – 3rd MidwestMarcus Wolf (Minnesota Martial Arts Academy) – 4th MidwestJerry Shapiro (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 1st SouthwestJoshua Sampo (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 2nd SouthwestGerald Toms (Citrus 3 Style WC) – 1st SoutheastPhil Rizzo (World Class WC) – 2nd SoutheastDaniel Kessler (Unattached) – 1st HawaiiBryan Peralta (Junior Grappling) – 2nd HawaiiBrandon Saiki (O2 Martial Arts Academy) – 3rd HawaiiJai Troche (Unattached) – 4th HawaiiGlen Galbasini (Team Quest) – 1st Northwest

154 lbs.Ricky Lundell (Team Pedro Sauer) – returning World Team Trials ChampionShanon Slack (No Limits MMA) – 1st So. Cal.Peter Sutton (Team Quest) – 2nd So. CalJohn Blalock (10th Planet JJ) – 3rd So. CalJimmy Kirkemo (Prodigy Elite) – 4th So. Cal.William Schaeffer (York MMA Academy) – 1st Mason DixonMarty Kusick (Prodigy Elite) – 2nd Mason DixonJacob Hey (H.I.T. Squad) – 1st Rocky Mtn.Manuel Gallardo (Unattached) – 2nd Rocky Mtn.Brett Tellis (Grappler?s Edge) – 3rd Rocky Mtn.Marcus Waters (Carlos Machado) – 1st So. PlainsTim Boda (CNY Pin2Win) – 1st NortheastPreston Marks (Asheville BJJ) – 1st Mid-AtlanticEric Luke (Y.E.S. Wrestling) – 2nd Mid-AtlanticRusty Haun (Asheville BJJ) – 3rd Mid-AtlanticBrian Miller (Team ROC-Greensboro) – 4th Mid-AtlanticTom Lecuyer (K3 Kombat Sports) – 1st MidwestPeter McDavitt (Unattached) – 2nd MidwestKyle Boore (Gilbert Grappling) – 3rd MidwestJayson Heredia (Unattached) – 4th MidwestScott Bieri (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 1st SouthwestDan Setter (Unattached) – 1st SoutheastEric Runci (Sand Hill WC) – 2nd SoutheastMatt Sanchez (Ultimate Fitness) – 1st HawaiiEdward Newalu (808 Fight Factory) – 2nd HawaiiRay Cooper III (Unattached) – 3rd HawaiiHarrison Sarimento (808 Fight Factory) – 4th HawaiiMatt Holt (Team Volt) – 1st NorthwestJeremy Umphries (Elite) – 2nd NorthwestAlex Brannon (Team Quest) – 3rd NorthwestPeter Toyas (Seaside BJJ) ? 4th Northwest

176 lbs.Don Ortega (No Limits MMA) – returning World Team Trials ChampionJoseph Gutierrez (Millenia JJ) – 1st So. Cal.Eric Brown (Combat Submission Wrestling) – 2nd So. Cal.Sean Robinson (BJJ Revolution) – 3rd So. Cal.Antares Simensis (San Diego Undisputed) – 4th So. Cal.George McGinnis (York MMA Academy) – 1st Mason DixonKeith Wilson (Colorado Fight Factory) -1st Rocky Mtn.Kenny Johnson (Phantom Wrestling Club) – 2nd Rocky Mtn.Eric Koble (Grappler?s Edge) – 3rd Rocky Mtn.Shane Roller (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 1st So. Plains, 1st SouthwestBrendon Lowe (Team Intensity) – 2nd So. PlainsDavid McClung (BVMMA) – 3rd So. PlainsMatt Barnes (CNY Pin2Win) – 1st NortheastDaniel Thompson (Premier MA) – 2nd NortheastTyler Milliken (CNY Pin2Win) – 3rd NortheastAndrew Sweet (Premier MA) – 4th NortheastVincent Borden (Gustavo Machado) – 1st Mid-AtlanticDominic Walton (Team ROC-Greensboro) – 2nd Mid-AtlanticGeorge Sheppard (Katch Wrestling) – 3rd Mid-AtlanticCarlos Verona (Team Choco) – 4th Mid-AtlanticJacob Volkmann (Minnesota Martial Arts Academy) – 1st MidwestMichael Kelly (Gilbert Grappling) – 2nd MidwestJake Bohn (Unattached) – 3rd MidwestJoel Karr (Unattached) – 4th MidwestBrett Schamann (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 2nd SouthwestPete Rayner (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 3rd SouthwestAaron Armello (Cain Lake WC) – 1st SoutheastAndre Walton (World Class WC) – 2nd SoutheastRay Cooper Jr. (808 Fight Factory) – 1st HawaiiJeff Paulson (Unattached) – 2nd HawaiiTJ Kuahine (Unattached) – 3rd HawaiiRobert Villapando (808 Fight Factory) – 4th HawaiiDennis Hallman (Victory Athletics) – 1st NorthwestSteve Hadsel (Victory Athletics) – 2nd NorthwestStryder Davis (Team Chaos) – 3rd NorthwestNigel Noriega (Team Quest) ? 4th Northwest

202.5 lbs.Malcolm Havens (Grappler?s Edge) – returning World Team Trials ChampionTimmy Bond (Street Sports BJJ) – 1st So. Cal.Andres Salas (Shingu Fighter Academy) – 2nd So. Cal.Brett Collins (No Limits MMA) – 3rd So. Cal.Genesis Vailu?u (No Limits MMA) – 4th So. Cal.Rick MacCauley (Team Balance) – 1st Mason DixonDaniel Clark (MMA Institute) – 2nd Mason DixonShimon Kafka (Baltimore BJJ) – 3rd Mason DixonDaniel Jones (MMA Institute) – 4th Mason DixonChaun Sims (Easton BJJ) – 1st Rocky Mtn.Chilo Gonzales (Grappler?s Edge) – 2nd Rocky Mtn.Jason Pacheco (Axiom) – 3rd Rocky Mtn.Nader Maghribi (Air Force) – 4th Rocky Mtn.Johny Hendricks (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 1st So. Plains, 1st SouthwestNoah Seitel (Dollamur Martial Arts) – 2nd So. PlainsMarc Gervais (Premier MA) – 1st NortheastDarrin Oliver (CNYMMA) – 2nd NortheastNeil Cook (Titan Worldwide WC) – 3rd NortheastJacob Fesko (Premier MA) – 4th NortheastShannon Chan (Gustavo Machado BJJ) – 1st Mid-AtlanticDan Gleaton (Gustavo Machado BJJ) – 2nd Mid-AtlanticNick White (Mammas Boys) – 3rd Mid-AtlanticSeth Foreman (Unattached) – 1st MidwestJoel Schrimpf (Team Pedro Sauer) – 2nd MidwestBenjamin Scheaffer (Unattached) – 3rd MidwestSean Spangler (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 2nd SouthwestGreg Gifford (American Pankration) – 3rd SouthwestGene Stevens (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 4th SouthwestRobert Peterson (Sand Hill WC) – 1st SoutheastJeff Funicello (American Pankration) – 1st HawaiiGino Venti (808 Fight Factory) – 2nd HawaiiBryson Kamaka (808 Fight Factory) – 3rd HawaiiDavid Culbertson (Team Quest) – 1st NorthwestMatt Horwich (Team Quest) – 2nd NorthwestMatt Lininger (Victory Athletics) – 3rd NorthwestBrian Caraway (Victory Athletics) ? 4th Northwest

275 lbs.Jeff Monson (Victory Athletics) – returning World Team Trials ChampionRamon Diaz (No Limits MMA) – 1st So. Cal.Kadillac Marshbanks (Team Kadillac) – 2nd So. Cal.Wesley Arnstad (New Breed JJ) – 3rd So. Cal.Daniel Pollaccia (Team Titan) – 4th So. Cal.Todd Margolis (Lloyd Irvin) – 1st Mason DixonBrandon Ruiz (Grappler?s Edge) – 1st Rocky Mtn.Joe Trujillo (Grappler?s Edge) – 2nd Rocky Mtn.Justin Wren (Team Lutter) – 1st So. PlainsSeth Wilks (Tai Kai MA) – 1st NortheastJason Clarq (Titan Worldwide WC) – 2nd NortheastJohn Dolida (Hybrid) – 1st Mid-AtlanticLaban Propst (Team ROC-Greensboro) – 2nd Mid-AtlanticBryan Richey (Lynxx Academy) – 3rd Mid-AtlanticAnthony Davie (Team Choco) – 4th Mid-AtlanticPete Becker (Xtreme Couture MMA-Chicago) – 1st MidwestJames Haddon (Fogtown JJ) – 1st SouthwestAntonio Lopez (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 2nd SouthwestJeff Jordan (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 3rd SouthwestJake Rosholt (Team Takedown Cobra Kai) – 4th SouthwestJohn Horning (World Class WC) – 1st SoutheastMichael Cain (Cains Lake WC) – 2nd SoutheastAaron Stark (Team Quest) – 1st NorthwestBobak Ranjbaran (Demon Jiu-jitsu) – 2nd NorthwestBrandon Pitts (Team Quest) – 3rd NorthwestNathan Cassidy (Team Quest) ? 4th Northwest

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