NHSCA High School & Open Grappling National Championship

Event Name: NHSCA 2008 Inaugural High School Grappling National ChampionshipsSport: GrapplingStart Date: 06/20/2008End Date: 06/21/2008Eligibility: 9th – 12th Grades & OpenLocation: River Ridge High SchoolCity: New Port RicheyState: FLInformation: 2008 NHSCA National High School & OPEN Grappling Championships June 20 & 21st 2008River Ridge High School11646 Town Center RoadNew Port Richey, Florida 34554 When: Weigh ins- Friday 12-2:00pm Coaches meeting/seeding 2:00pmWhere: River Ridge Middle High School Gymnasium 11646 Town Center Road New Port Richey, Florida 34654, (727) 774-7174Who: Open to any High School or home school student grades9-12 in the United StatesWhat: Inaugural High School Grappling/Jujutsu National Championship 3 Divisions: 9th & 10th Grade, 11th & 12 grade, OPEN During 2007-08 school yearOrder of Events: Weigh-ins 12-2pm Friday June 20thCoaches meeting/seeding 2:00pm1st Round 3:30pm2 & 3rd round to follow TBAChampionships on four MatsAwards (Individual & Team)Contact Information:Russ Schenk (727) 774-7179 rschenk@pasco.k12.fl.us www.nhsca.comOnline Registration only at: https://www.nhsca.com$50.00 per athlete early registration entry fee $75.00 per OPEN Division Weight Classes & Division9th &10th, 11& 12th School year 2007-08 grade (an athlete can go up one weight class but NOT a division) FINAL REPORT CARD WITH ID PRESENTED AT WEIGH-INSHigh School Weight classes: 101, 110, 119, 129, 139, 149, 154, 169, 183, 199, & UnlimitedTop 8th place winner earn NHSCA Medals & High School All-American HonorsOPEN Division Weight Classes: 125, 132, 141, 149, 157, 167, 177, 190, 215, 285 Team/CLUB Awards* Champions Team/CLUB Trophy* Runner-up Team/CLUB Trophy* Top eight place winners per weight class and division score Team points;1st 15, 2nd 12, 3rd 10, 4th 8, 5th 6, 6th 4, 7th 3, and 8th 2.(All four divisions combined points for team awards) NHSCA No-GI Point Scoring System & Rules All rules will be covered in Pre-Competitionmeeting by Head Official

* TAKEDOWN: Full advantage (2 points) awarded * ESCAPE: Athlete escapes from a control takedown to a neutral position (1 point) * DOMINATE CONTROL: Full advantage (2 points) controlling your opponent for a period long enough to secure a form of submission. * SWEEP or GUARD PASS: Full advantage (2 points) awarded, Full Reversal * NEAR SUBMISSION: Full advantage (2 points) is warded for a Full and Strong Submission attempts: * STALLING: Stalling will be awarded, 1st warning, 2nd 1 point, 3rd 2 points and 4th Disqualification* * PERIODS: two 2 minutes periods with 30 seconds rest between periods* TIE: Overtime of 1:00 with a sudden death (first point scored) * TIE Overtime #1: 30 each opponent in guard position (points scored) * TIE Overtime #2: Referee’s decision. * SUBMISSION: tap out, verbal tap out, knock out, TKO (official judgment) * GENERAL RULES: The following will be required and inspected prior to competition: Groin protector, Mouthpiece, and Shorts with drawstring must be worn. Wrestling and Martial Arts shoes are allowed. * No grabbing of clothes, * Ways to Win: By Submission, (tapping out or verbally submitting) Referee Stoppage, Doctor Stoppage, Corner Stoppage, Referees decision, (disqualification, forfeit, No Contest) Decision 1-7 points, Major decision 8-14 points or Technical decision 15 points.

* STRIKES OF ANY KIND: 1ST offense (2 points) second offense Disqualified * NO STRAIGHT ANKLE LOCKS OR TWISTING ANKLE LOCKE ALLOWED * OTHER FOULS: Front of the windpipe, (finger to throat) eyes, groin, nose, slamming opponent to the mat on their head. * IF YOU TAKE YOU OPPONENT OFF THEIR FEET IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO RETURN THEM TO THE MAT UNDER CONTROL! * Referee’s Decision is FINAL NO Protest!! * Finals will have 2 Referee’s (one head and one assistant)

POINTS SCORING * Takedown 2 points * Sweep from the Guard 2 points * Escape 1 point * Dominate Control 2 points * Knee on stomach position 2 points * Pass Guard to side position 2 points * Near Submission 2 points * Rear Mount position 4 points * Mount position 4 pointsMiscellaneous Information* Registration online only before June 15th, 2008* $50.00 per athlete High School Divisions* $75.00 OPEN Division * Hotels Ramada Inn New Port Richey 800.822.9743* Coaches Hospitality Room available* Concession stand open all day* Spectator fee/gate $5.00* T-shirts and NHSCA National Championship gear for sale:

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