Nine Lives? Well I am minus one more I guess?

I don’t go to the emergency room unless I think it is life threatening or something is broken.  I don’t like to go to the Dr. much at all. Been too many times.

While I was in China, I managed to mess my back up again. I was in a lot of pain over there and went home early.  Since I have been back, my back has really been bugging me.  I have been getting a lot of help from my two good Dr.’s See plug below:

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Friday I went to a medical Dr. cause my back and leg were killing me. This Dr. and I, (wish I had his name close by to fill in here) was an ass. Guy didn’t listen to a word I said and just gave me some drugs and sent me on my way, saying my injury was not that bad.  WTF

Well I did as I was told, I took the meds, I walked for exercise, and on Saturday and Sunday I was in so much pain I could hardly breath. My leg was numb on the outside and my feet were swollen and freezing cold. I tried to call the Dr. and no answer. Saturday was so bad that I couldn’t sit or lay down all day or my leg would get cramped up from the never firing down my legged like a uzi aimed at my foot. God it hurt. I was eating pain pills like tick tacs and nothing was helping.

Finally. Monday came and I had a busy day. I called my Dr. first thing and got only his secretary. I told her my problems and she told me he would call me back ASAP. Well about 2:30 or 3 p.m. I got the call. I was on my way to the San Diego OTM Fight Shop to congratulate them on their great work. 

So I give the Dr. all my symptoms and he starts freaking out. Telling me I have to go to the emergency room now.  Stop driving the car and go. This is how smart my Dr. is, stop driving the car and go straight to the ER.  LOL 

So the Dr. tells me I have a blood clot, could be in my leg or my back. It could cause a stroke and I could die! WTF? Just 3 days before you were all but calling me a pussy and now you’re telling me I might die!!

So I turn around and race 1 1/2 hours back to Redondo to go the ER.  Man being in the ER room sucks.  Nothing good going on there.  Yuck!

Once in the hospital, I was pretty worried. My leg was super cold and I think I was imagining it was falling off or some shit, but the hours in the car hadn’t helped either.

It didn’t take that long to see a Dr. and they were all very serious about the whole thing. I guess I didnt know much about it and how dangerous it was. But I was getting clued in.

Once I saw the Dr. and gave him my whole story from 16 getting hit by a van and breaking my pelvis in 2 places to China trip and smashing my spine on a run down some stairs.  He looked at me and smiled, said he didn’t think there was any chance I really had a blood clot. He said they would do all the tests to make sure, but it sounded like exactly what I told him i thought it was, a badly pinched nerve. 

So after 6 hours, I was out of the hospital,  got the meds I had asked the original dipshit Dr. about that he told me i didnt need, and I was off and heading home. 

It was a scary ride in traffic for a couple of hours to the ER. Thanks to all the people that called me and kept me from freaking out!

Not sure if that counts as one of my 9 lives, but it was still scary.  

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