Nogueira brothers held 1 º X-Fight MMA this weekend

 The 1st X-Fight MMA comes to CT Nogueira Brothers on Saturday, with six fights, promising plenty of action. Highlights for the presence of Patricio Pitbull Freire, Wagner Caldeirão and André Chatuba in the card.


The event is among the shares of X-Fight for the launch of the new line of supplements brand in partnership with the brothers Rodrigo Minotauro and Rogério Minotouro and awards the winners, in addition to money, with one year of free supplements brand.


Behind the scenes, already confirmed the presence of UFC champion Anderson Silva, Junior dos Santos, the Strikeforce champions Ronaldo Jacare and Rafael Feijão, in addition to the brothers and Minotauro and Minotouro.


The fights are scheduled to start from 20h and the tickets will be restricted to guests only.


See the card below:


X-Fight 1 MMA


CT of the Nogueira brothers, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.


Saturday, January 15, 2011


– Alan Chatuba (Minotauro Team) X Maurício Reis (BTT);


– Henrique Negão (Minotauro Team) X Thiago Iron Hand (Equipe Senna);


– André Chatuba (Minotauro Team) X Alberto dos Santos (Equipe Pitbull Teresópolis);


– Patrício Pitbull (Minotauro Team) X Fabiano Holyfield (Equipe Senna);


– Wagner Caldeirão (Minotauro Team) X Cleber Tavares;

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