NOTES from 2010.06.10 Royler Gracie Seminar

2010.06.10 Royler Gracie Seminar at RGDAHQ
Tori     =          Person executing technique
Uke      =          Person receiving the technique
(1) Grip Fighting to X-choke
  • Tori’s right hand holds uke’s same side collar
  • Tori’s left hand holds uke’s same side sleeve seam
  • Tori uses both hands to open uke’s collar
  • Tori inserts right hand in palm-up X-choke position
  • Tori’s left hand slaps over opposite side (slap at uke’s shoulder and drag down to make grip) or slides under tori’s right arm and either chokes, or distracts uke with choke attempt leading to takedown setup
(2) Grip Fighting to Single Leg Variations
(2a) Variation 1: Single knee pinch to takedown
  • Tori’s right hand holds uke’s same side collar
  • Tori’s left hand holds uke’s same side sleeve seam
    • Pull with right hand or left hand to make uke step forward the pulled side
      • Snatch uke’s forward foot using same side forearm/crook of elbow (do not grab w/hand)
      • Pinch uke’s snatched leg between tori’s knees and wrap pinched leg with other hand
        • Tori should press head into uke’s hip and stay tight to uke’s thigh
      • Maintaining uke’s leg trapped between his own, tori now shuffle steps in circle, away from uke’s snatched leg, using pressure on thigh and hip to drag uke to ground
(2b) Variation 2: Single to leg lift to front sweep and/or back sweep
·         Same hands, pull, step, snatch, pinch, positions as above, but, rather than maintaining uke’s leg pinched between tori’s legs, tori will:
o    Step his inside leg free to clear uke’s leg (rear half circle step)
o    Remove “2nd” hand and scoop under uke’s calf/heel area, lifting uke’s leg very high and driving forward, into uke so as to keep uke off balance
o    Either:
§ Turn in as if executing a hip throw, throwing uke with outside leg across uke’s far thigh, or;
§ Use outside leg to sweep uke’s supporting leg from behind
(3) Jump Guard to Leg Hook Takedown
·         Tori jumps guard and sets X-choke (perhaps as in #1), threatening uke
·         Uke defends by maintaining base and pushing on tori’s arms/torso
·         Tori switches to double underhooks gripping at mid-back around uke’s torso
·         Uke now attempts to open tori’s guard with pressure on tori’s hip(s) and/or leg(s)
·         Tori allows guard to open and hooks around the outside of one of uke’s legs
·         Tori, maintaining grip on uke’s torso, now slides locked hands to small of uke’s back and pulls uke in
·         Tori’s free leg extends back, planting on the mat and driving into uke
o    IMPORTANT: Whichever one of tori’s legs performs the hook, tori should turn head in opposite direction from that leg
§ Example: If, when tori opens guard, he uses his right leg to hook behind uke’s leg, tori’s head should be looking full left, such that tori’s right ear is pressing firmly on uke’s chest.
·         Tori should hang weight on uke. Combined with hooked leg, head pushing on uke’s chest both backwards and in the angular direction of the hooked leg, and a tight grasp around small of uke’s back, these movements will serve to place uke on the ground.

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