Nova Uniao pt 1: Mark Bocek Interview

Bocek (also known as “Kidred”) returned to Canada terrorizing the mats with his new technique and was the talk of the town. Team Nova Uniao has been growing in all aspects of the fight game. With champions in BJJ, Submission Wrestling and even M.M.A.. Nova Uniao, since its formation years ago with Andre Pedeneiras and Wendell Alexander, has now even expanded into other countries all over the world. Here in Canada, Nova Uniao first came about 5 years ago with black belt Joao Roque coming to teach in Toronto at the Samurai Club. Although Roques stay was short, he established some loyal students and was able to demonstrate and teach BJJ like Canadians hadn`t seen until that time. Roque left after 6 months and returned to Brazil. At the same time, Wagnney Fabiano Santos arrived in Canada and started to teach in Montreal. Than Nova Uniao affiliates started to pop up all over the country! At the same time, a young grappler named Mark Bocek who was fortunate enough to train under Roque, sought out training under other Nova Uniao fighters such as BJ Penn and Charuto in Hawaii and John Lewis in Las Vegas. Bocek (also known as “Kidred”) returned to Canada terrorizing the mats with his new technique and was the talk of the town. Now, 5 years later, Mark Bocek is a black belt in BJJ, and teaches at his own academy under the Nova Uniao flag and Wagnney has moved to Toronto Ontario Canada and is responsible for of the country`s top grappling teams! Nova Uniao has landed!

BALEIA) Mark, how long have you been training BJJ?

BOCEK) I have been training bjj for over 12 years.

BALEIA) What made you get so involved in BJJ?

BOCEK) After watching ufc 2 I was hooked, I was doing karate at the time and I knew that I wanted to learn bjj, it was an instant addiction.

BALEIA) What accomplishments have you made in your grappling career?

BOCEK) have won the purple belt open class Cundial championships, Grapplers Quest, Naga, I have medaled at Pan Ams 3 times, I wont the hawaii state championships and open class, I wont the adcc canadian trials twice and the canadian nationals 5 times.

BALEIA)You recently spent some time in Brazil, who were you training with and what was it like having to return to Canada?

BOCEK) I spent 1 year in Brasil, I stayed in Brasilia which is the capital, I was staying at my girlfriend’s house there and I was training with Joao Roque. I received my black belt from him. When I returned to Canada I started teaching full time.

BALEIA) Who do you currently train with in Canada?

BOCEK) I train with Wagnney Fabiano, Claude Patrick, Spider and Shawn Geris.

BALEIA) Do you hope to do more MMA?

BOCEK) I’m working on getting more fights as we speak but right now my main focus is getting into ADCC.

BALEIA) Who would you say is your biggest influence with your training?

BOCEK) Wagnney Fabiano and Joao Roque have been huge influences, also Leo santos, Shaolin and Bj Penn.

BALEIA) Any plans for the immediate future? Grappling,MMA?

BOCEK) I want to do as many tournaments as I can right now, I’m trying to get into adcc and I will be having a superfight with fabio holanda in early june in Toronto.

BALEIA )Where do you teach in Canada?

BOCEK) I teach at Wagnney Fabiano’s club in and at kombat arts training academy in Mississauga-

BALEIA) What was your toughest fight in Submission and in BJJ?

BOCEK) In submission it’s Cameron Earle, Kurt Pellegrino and Shawn Williams and in Bjj I would say Joe D’arce and Cabbage.

BALEIA) In your opinion who is the most underated BJJ fighter or submission grappler today?

BOCEK) I would say myself and Wagnney Fabiano, also Joao Roque.

BALEIA) What is the grappling scene like in Canada?

BOCEK) It is getting stronger and better all the time, it has come a long way.

BALEIA) What are some of the guys you’ve beaten in competition?

BOCEK) Shawn Williams, Kurt Pellegrino and Cabbage.

BALEIA) Who are some of the guys you’ve lost to?

BOCEK) Cameron Earle and Joe D’arce.

BALEIA) Who do you enjoy watching compete in sport BJJ? How about submission grappling? MMA?

BOCEK) I enjoy watching BJ Penn for everything, he is so complete, Marcelo Garcia and Wagnney Fabiano for no-gi and Terere, Bj, Garcia, Jacare, Roger Gracie, Leo Santos Robinho and Shaolin in the gi.

BALEIA)Is there anyone you would like to thank for your career and where can people come to train with you?

BOCEK) I would like to thank Nova Uniao, Wagnney Fabiano and Joao Roque for all their help over the years and I teach at kombat arts training academy (KATA)

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