One Year layoff turns out to be a great thing!!!

Carol Vidal Lebre, a brown belt at The Gracie San Diego, stepped back onto the competition mat this past weekend at the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in Las Vegas, NV. Carol is a brown belt under her husband Regis Lebre, head instructor at Gracie San Diego. Carol has been training & competing for 11 years and has won some of the most prestige tournaments that Jiu Jitsu has to offer. What many in the jiu jitsu community don’t know is that Carol took the past year and half to give birth to her and Regis’ 1st child, Rauan. About 2 months ago, Carol came back to the training mat to begin preparing for the Abu Dhabi Pro Trails. With her husband & son watching her every move and training, she focus on one thing, to win gold & the all expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi. This past weekend she did just that, Carol rolled through all her opponents to reach the podium in her weight class & the open division, walking away with her son in one arm and gold in the other.

Congratulations Carol!!!  
Good luck in Abu Dhabi, we will all be watching and cheering for you!

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