Open House Tournament April 2nd and News

Hello Everyone !!Busy month at the academy classes are growing again, for some of you that have not been here in a while come back!!!! We miss you!!

We have our open house tournament coming up April 2nd and we hope to some of you hereWe are taking only white and blue belts at this time , It’s a good way to get experience with a home field advantage.Check out our site for the details WWW.SHOWTIMEJIUJITSU.COM

Our 2nd DVD Mastering Grappling Volume 2 is almost done Thanks to Scotty from On the mat.

Casper’s NEW gym is opening in Murrieta on April 1st (This is not an April fools day joke folks !!)check out his site www.thefightlab.netWe for sure are going to be there since we LOVE Casper and we wish him the best.

Royce is fighting in May at his “HOME” The Octagon. We want him to smash Matt Hughes to pieces. GO ROYCE!!!!!The fight will be held at the Staples center and if you haven’t got your tickets yet you better run!!

Congratulations to Mac Danzic for winning his fight and defending his KOTC tittle.Look out for Mac as he is a rising start in the lightweight division.

Our dearest friend In Philadelphia Little Tony Pacenski is opening his new academy soon check out his site for more infowww.soulfight.netLittle Tony has been training for ages he started in Philly then came down to the Gracie Academy in Torrance was there for a while and now he is opening his own schoolWe are so proud of him , besides being a great friend Tony is an outstanding instructor and an amazing writer.

If anyone is looking for Jiujitsu and MMA merchandise you MUST check out Jiu-jitsu Pro-Gear in Lawndalewww.jiujitsuprogear.comThey have everything from boxing gloves to event ticketsIt is a complete one stop shop for your MMA needs

Congrats to our students that participated at the Copa Pacifica TournamentSpecially to Anthony Galdi that took 1st place !

Oh before we forget the baby is due on September 8th but we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet( Rose wants another girl and Javi wants a boy!)You guys can help us with name ideas if you wish because I am not sure there are any R names left ….Keep in mindIt has to start with an R ( remember it will sound like H ) andIt should have some sort of meaning behind itThanks , we appreciate !!

Alright everyone here is a small update of what is up at this academy and with some of our friendsWe wish all of you the best and we will see you next month!

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