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Here they come! The Annual OTM Awards are here: the industry standard for recognizing excellence in combat sports and the most trusted name in MMA, BJJ, and Submission Grappling.OntheMat.com is pleased to announce our choice of Instructor of the Year goes to Cleber Luciano.

Probably the best testament as to why we decided to give Cleber the Instructor of the Year award goes back about a month ago when he promoted 10 of his students to the rank of black belt. Many of those students are well known and very active in the BJJ community as a whole and if the quality of an instructor is reflected in their students, then Cleber is very well represented indeed.

However, this was merely frosting on the cake. Whenever you talk to someone from Cleber’s academy, they always talk more in terms of it being a family as opposed to just a martial arts school. Through the years there has always been a demonstrable show of loyalty and support from everyone throughout the academy.

Cleber himself has always epitomized the “lead from the front” philosophy and is himself active in BJJ tournament and MMA.

Furthermore, it must be mentioned that Cleber runs one of the largest and most successful kid’s programs around. And once again, you always get the sense that kids love Cleber and he loves them right back.

In recognition of his years of contributions to the BJJ community, and in the occasion of what has surely been one of his most memorable year, OntheMat is proud to award Cleber Luciano the title of Instructor of the Year.

Previous Instructors of the Year:

2004: Marc Laimon2005: Renzo Gracie2006: Carlson Gracie

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