OTM Media Craze: Conor McGregor is Jesus Christ, Diaz Bros Are No Longer, Lobov Calls Out Ho Choi

OTM Media Craze: Conor McGregor is Jesus, Diaz Bros Are No Longer, Lobov Calls Out Ho Choi

Michael Bisping say that Conor McGregor is… Jesus? This is off of his podcast…

“Whatever I do, I get shit off everybody. Conor McGregor can do no wrong, he is Jesus reincarnated. He can walk on water, he can do whatever the fuck he wants. He can leave the sport of UFC and go chase a boxing match and that’s still the best thing ever, holding up two divisions whilst he’s at it. But me, Jesus Christ, all I tried to do is get a big payday and I’m the scum of the earth, I’m the devil. The top seven are calling me out. Whichever one of them, because they’re all tough guys, let’s be honest, whichever one I pick, the other six are all going to bitch and whine and complain. So you can’t win. I’m fighting Georges St-Pierre, fucking deal with it.”

Artem ‘The Russian Hammer’ Lobov on his recent loss to Cub Swanson, bouncing back, and calling out fellow rising star Doo Ho Choi…

“I lost, so I don’t really see it probably that way,” Lobov said when asked about the positives in defeat. “To me, I was going into the fight to try and win, obviously. That’s why I called for the fight. And I generally thought that I could win. Obviously I didn’t, so I’m still trying to get over that.”

“No,” Lobov said. “Never. I would never look at any fight like that. To me, if I’m going in, I’m going in to win. If you don’t win, well that’s it. Obviously, I’m not gonna dwell on it. I’m not gonna cry about it. I’m a learner and I’m a go-getter. I have to look over the mistakes, I have the fix them and I’m gonna keep moving forward. And hopefully one day I’ll meet Cub again.”

“I mean, why not?” Lobov said. “He was one of the guys that I called out originally. It was either him or Cub. Now we both lost to Cub, the two of us both went the distance, the two of us both got the Fight of the Night, so why not? It makes sense, no?”

“Your record is where you’ve been, but it’s not necessarily where you are or where you’re going,” Lobov said. “That just shows that I’ve had a tough road. I’ve taken fights when others wouldn’t.”

“I guess that shows where my skill level is at,” Lobov said. “And I guess if you’re a true MMA fan, you should assess somebody by their skill, rather than where they’ve been or how they got that skill.”

Jake Ellenberger is refusing to retire even after recent career troubles…

“I think I have a good idea when I’m going to be done, and I think that’s a big part of the exit strategy. If I’m struggling or not doing well in the gym, that’s an easy sign to the door. But when I’m beating everybody in the gym – everything’s going right right now. Everything’s clicking. What happened with Perry happened. But I haven’t missed a step. I’m not slowing down. I’m pretty cerebral. I had a great strategy. It’s one of those things – things were going very well for me, so it’s easy to say I’m not done.”


Oh yeah, and Dana White doesn’t think that the Diaz Brothers will ever fight again…

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