OTM playing Match Maker Again!

Ok, our first attempt at match making was such a success that we’ve had requests for more. So here you go: “Sabestian17” has been a friend of ours for a very long time, so if you’re nice to her you’re cool with us. Cross her and you don’t even want to think of the consequences. If you’re brave: Gumby@onthemat.com and we’ll forward the best to herNow, in her own words: Yeah, pretty sappy, but we’d like to point out that on top of being very cool she’s an AWESOME cook.

Muse – 33

If you seek a passionate, independent, adaptable Lady who is challenged by pursuing life and all that it has to offer with a smile, I may be the one. On weekends you find me in the mountains and in beautiful places. I enjoy all types of music and the arts, am a great sport and love a new challenge. I love meeting new people that have explored things that I haven’t and can show me the ropes. I enjoy my work and hope whoever I meet would feel the same about theirs. Random Acts of Kindness is the way I describe giving to those in need, to me it is extremely important to show kindness to others. Although I am sensitive and kind – I possess a bit of a wild streak, and am focused like few others. I like men who are unique, independent thinkers that have charisma and character. A man who thrives on his successes, but didn’t have to cheat to get there. Honor always comes before fortune with me. I love tall men and goofy smiles. Short men with big hearts. I seek a man that respects the kindness in my heart and who is capable of showing me his own. I can meet a thousand faces and will stare at but a few. I don`t believe that love can fit in a box so if you are interested and interesting let’s take it from there. If you are someone who is free to dare to live and have fun, perhaps your life with shine with mine. I look forward to talking to you 😉

PS… I try to be thoughtful with my responses & it takes some time to write back. Sometimes especially when you’ve caught my eye 😉

If you would like to see my picture’ays it’s posted at Match dot com Search for Username: sabestian17

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