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You may have noticed the forum changes. Probably the most obvious change is the color, we decided to go with a white background instead of the black…the entire site is eventually go with this way. Explore around a bit, and I think you’ll find some features that you will like. www.onthemat.com/forum First of all there is the new blogs feature. Everyone who has an account here now officially has a blog. And if you’ve figured out how to post in the forum, you already know how to post in the blog. I’m moving my blog over to this section, Scotty has promised to start blogging, I’m sure Bevois and Rafael Lovato Jr will have plenty to contribute, and of course we’re all looking forward to seeing what you have to say! www.onthemat.com/forum/blog.php Secondly, we’ve added an image hosting capability for registered users of the forum. THat’s right, you can now actually load images from your hard drive directly unto this site. The images are not only visible from the forum, but they can also easily be embedded to other forums and across the web (not that you would need to go to another forum www.onthemat.com/forum In the spirit of allowing you to submit more of your own content online, we’ve also revamped our video section! For lack of a better term, it’s now more Youtube like… Why would you want to post to our video site as opposed to say Youtube? Well, for starters, our video database is a lot more organized than theirs is. You can search on our video database and be sure to only get results relevant to Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, or MMA (okay, we’re not above throwing some goofy home movies there too). We also make it easier to search for content, with categories specifically designed so you can quickly find the sort of stuff you want to see. www.onthemat.com/video There’s about 150 videos pre-loaded already, and we’re working to get the rest of the OTM online archives loaded and then some, so if you’ve never checked out our FREE online library, you’ll have plenty to do, and if you’re a veteran of the site, you just might discover some old favorites. We’ve been hosting videos for nearly ten years now! Be sure to let me know what you think of the changes, and let me know if you find any problems (I’m aware of a few bugs already). Above all have fun, and as always, see you on the mat!

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