OTMWiki Launches

Introducing the OTMWiki

www.onthemat.com/wiki The first Wiki devoted to BJJ, Submission Grappling and MMA.

A wiki is a type of website that allows users to add, remove, or otherwise edit and change all content very quickly and easily. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative writing.

It’s our hope that the OTMWiki will be a tremendous resource for our sport, in which everyone can reference and contribute to the best knowledge base for our sport! To this goal with our dedicated moderators and beta testers we’ve already uploaded around 500 articles, including a listing of techniques, event information, definitions, biographies, and even a belt database!

Visit www.OntheMat.com/wiki for more information and to start using the OTMWiki right now!

You also might have noticed that we’ve upgraded the top navigation of our site to reflect the changes, making it not only easy to get the new Wiki, but also some underadvertised features such as the Calendar, School Database, and Gumby’s Blog.

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