***Pac NW Jiu-jitsu Pre-registration ends Jan. 8th***

Pre-registration ends Monday, Jan. 8th.Log on to www.nwgrappling.com now!When you pre-register, you get a free tournament t-shirt, and entered to win free DVDs, fight gear, X-fighting tickets and more. New teams to the Pac NW Championships will include Impact Jiu-jitsu, White Buffalo Warrior, and LKC Martial Arts, challenging top NW’s teams, Gracie Barra, Marcelo Alonso, Lotus, United Fight Team, Machado Spokane, Pedro Sauer, BJJ Revolution and more. The new venue for this tournament, Edgemont Junior High, in the Puyallup area, will be a shorter trip for our friends from Oregon, so expect strong teams from the southern part of the region. The 145 lbs Black Belt Division is shaping up nicely, so far we are expecting Johnny Ramirez, Eben Kaneshiro, Ricky Lundell and a surprise competitor from Gracie Barra. The kids divisions will include teams from Nick Unander OBJJ, Gracie Barra, Cerna Martial Arts, Machado Spokane and Team Quest. There will be 40 yrs. and older divisions also, so there should be great match-ups for everyone. We look forward to seeing you all on the mat. Good luck!

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