Pam Ams Sloppy Report!

Pan Ams Sunday Results, sloppy report. Written at the event trying to do some kinf of play by play with six mats going on simultaneously. Just because we love you. Pan Ams Sunday Results Well, apparently i didn’t resolve my registration problem in time (didn’t show up to the event until Sunday) and the cut off for fixing these things and paying was Friday at 6:00PM. I feel a bit better in that they enforced the policy across the board, apparently several brazilians traveled from Brazil and were denied entrance. I feel a little bit worse in that Papa John came up to me and said that the brown belt medium (my division) would be the division to watch. I feel way worse that Scotty went out and partied his ass off last night (as of right now no one is sure where he is) while I went to bed early for a change. I have a nice seat in the stands dead center to the mats, so I’m going to do as much of a play by play of the matches I possibly can. My brackets are a little less complete than what is actually happening, so if there is a ???? I’ll try to go back to fill the blanks later. Black Belt Joe Scovel vs Dai Yoshioka (Pluma) Dai plays in and out of Joe’s 1/2 guard, threatens a Kimura early on. Je defends but Dai passes guard for points. Joe recovers 1/2 guard and Dai holds tight. Match gets back to the feet. Joe pulls 1/2 guard quickly. Joe looks for the sweep, but Dai defends nicely, then steps around to full mount! Joe defends, but Dai remains on side control. Dai wins on points. Dave Jacobs vs ???? (Thiago Veiga (Pena) ? pulls 1/2 guard, then full guard, and Dave immediately works to pass. Dave forces his way to half guard and controls the head. Dave nearly passes, ? turtles and Dave is heavy on the head now. As Dave looks for the back, ? spins back to guard. Back to the feet, Dave misses a foot sweep but ? pulls guard anyway. Dave aggressively trying to pass, but ? reconstitutes and the match is back here. Dave is up 2 advantages to 1. Dave is gaining more confidence, trying to pass, ? trying a sweep, but time expires, Dave Jacobs wins on advantage 2-1. Johnny Ramirez vs Diego Saravia Johnny pulls guard immediately. Diego on top of Johnny’s butterfly guard. Diego forces his way to half guard. Diego passes after a few minutes to side control. Diego remains in side control, Johhny looking for some space and trying to sneak a hook back in. Johnny manages to get back to full guard! Johnny works looking for something, but doesn’t find it as Diego manages to pass guard again. As Diego looks for a north south, Johnny recovers his guard (open) one more time. Diego applying a ton of pressure now however, looking to pass, then settles into Johnny’s butterfly guard. Time expires and Diego wins on points. Dave Jacobs vs Bibiano Fernandez Dave Jacobs is my hero, BTW…. Dave aggressively shoots for a takedown, Bibiano stuffs it, then forces Dave to side control, then goes to north south. Dave looking to work underneath, Bibiano steps over for a triangle, Dave comes on top, but it’s locked in. Bibiano wins by submission in a little less than a minute. Dave Jacobs is still my her, BTW…. Xande Riberio vs Diego (Gracie Barra) Competitors are tied up, Xande has a high collar grip however. Xande steps on the hip and pulls guard. Xande opens up and ? avoids the sweep and looks to pass, so Xande closes his guard back up. Xande locks on an oma plata, ? defends and back to the feet. ? looks to spin around, possible take the back but Xande dumps him, is now in torriondo pass position. Xande gets to side control, while ? momentarily looks for a knee bar, Xande evades, gets knee on stomach and finishes with a choke? Aleandre Crispim vs ???? Crispim pulls half guard immediately. After some posturing, Crispim goes to full guard. Crispim gets on top, looks to pass ? guard, now leads by 2 points. ? Working from the bottom, Crispim AGGRESSIVE AS WELL THOUGH, CRISPIM TO half guard. Crispim wins by two points. Megaton vs ???? (Japanese) Megaton looks for the throw, buy ? defends nicely and Megaton is forced to pull guard. ? Stands up with Megaton in closed guard. Megaton looks for the sweep, ? hits bottom but both rolss to the feet, and Megaton scores 2 point (questionable call in my opinion). Megaton looks for a throw again, but ? avoids and Megaton to the guard. Megaton sweeps, ? gets to feet this time advantage. The two are tied up on their feet now, Megaton pulls guard again. ? Is aggressively trying to pass guard, almost, but Megaton gets to his knees, ? gets an advantage. Megaton wins. Joao Silva vs ???? Silva goes to guard, sweeps for two. Attempts cut through pass but with his foot stuck, looks for either a baseball or Brabo choke. Still not past guard however. Match remains this way for some time, ? attempts to reconstitute guard, gut Joao holds well, looking for a Darce choke. Back to full guard. Joao wins 2-0! Shawn Williams vs ???? (Gracie Humatia) Match begins with ? tossing Shawn hard so it thunders in the gym. Shawn recovers and comes on top, but ? defends and back to the feet. Shawn in control on the side, but winds up getting uchimata’d again! This time to side control, holding well, but Shawn comes back on top again! Shawn looks for the back, almost but ? rolls out and pulls guard. ? Sweeps and to Shawn’s guard. ? holding Shawn flat not past but almost, but Shawn recuperates his guard. Score is 6-0 right now for ? Shawn opens up, and ? is right on him, nearly passing, but Shawn turtles up. Shawn looks for a knee or foot momentarily, but ? defends, almost takes the back as time expires. Score is 10-0 but the match was much more exciting the score would indicate. Diego Saravia vs ? ? on the bottom, Diego looks past guard and is holding side control. ? sweeps and it is Diego’s guard now. ? is actively looking to past, but Diego holding him off. ? on top applying great pressure, Diego working Open guard well. Damnit, who won that match! Rodrigo Texiera vs ???? (Looks like Jamelao from here?) Rolling around end of end, but Jamelao winds up on bottom and Texeira on top. Jamelao to half guard. Texiera looks to pass but Jamelao takes the back! Texiera gets out and back to Jamelao’s half guard. There were no hooks, so no points but an advantage. Stays there for a long time, posturing for position. Jamelao attacks to the leg, Rodigo defends vigorously but Jamelao up on top now. Jamelao wins 10-2. Paulo Gazze vs ???? Paulo is in for a deep shot, but ? defends well, is now sprawled out on Paulo. ? is on bottom, almost has a triangle choke, it’s locked on now, but Paulo powers out of it. Gazze turtled up now, ? riding his back, but not committed to anything yet. Paulo Gazze wins? Submission? Jared Weiner vs ???? Jared is in full guard. Jared sweeps to mount, but ? escapes and back to Jared’s guard. Score must have counted for it’s 6-0 now. Jared sweeps again from closed guard, but ? rolls right through and back to guard. Jared pulls of a triangle choke, but ? looks to be slipping out. ? Escapes and back to the feet. Back to Jared’s closed guard. Jared looks for another triangle, ? slips out and Jared is forced to turtle. Back to their feet. Jared pulls guard again. ? passes, missed it watching other matches, but scores 6 points. Jared wins on advantages however. Igor Gracie vs ???? ? pulls half guard quickly. Igor flattens him out and looks to pass, but ? sits up and is really working to come underneath. ? spins underneath, but igor defends well. ? doing a good job of not letting Igor flatten him out however. Igor really flattening ? out. Match starts on the feet again, Igor up by three advantages. Back to half guard, Igor passes finally takes the back. ? is flattened out, but manages to turn to Igor’s mount. ? tries to oompa, but Igor stays tight, looks for the cross collar choke. Time expires, Igor wins 8-0 Joao Silva vs MArio Reis Joao pulls guard right away. Reis looks to pass, but Joao snatches up an ankle lock. The fighters roll out of bounds, and match is restarted on the feet. Reis looks hurt however, and Pulls guard. Sweeps right away, but Joao comes back on top! Joao looks for the foot lock again, Reis escapes! Back to the feet, Reis is definitely limping now. Joao pulls guard, Reis looks to pass however. Mario passes guard. referee is standing themup now? Joao appeals to the comission, walks off and refuses to engage. Referee raises Mario’s hand! Bizarre end to a good match. Romula Barros vs ???? In Romulo’s guard to start off with. Andre Galvao vs Alexander Crispim Galvao pulls guard right away, tries a cross collar choke on Crispim. Crispim loos to pass, Galvao almost scores a beautiful sweep, Crispim shows excellent base. Galvao locks an oma plata, Crispim escapes, but Galvao on top now. Galvao takes Cripim’s back but with one hook, Galvao looks for the choke. Galvao is in a very good position as the referee drags them to the center of the mat. Crispim taps to Galvao. Rolles Gracie vs ???? Rolles on top, passes guard for 3. Can’t see with crowd in front of barriers. Jamelao vs ???? Jamelao to half guard. ? submits Jamelao, not sure with what. ???? (beat Diego Saravia) vs Bibano Fernandez Bibiano on top, ???? in half guard. ???? comes on top, and Bibiano pulls full guard. ???? looking to pass, Bibiano controlling the wrist. ? alomost passes, dumps Bibiano forward, but Bibiano gets to his feet quickly. ???? looks for a judo throw, Bibiano defends and takes the back. ? defends, and goes back to Bibiano’s guard. Bibiano finishes with an armbar in a great match. Eduardo Telles vs ???? Didn’t realize it was Telles until I saw the turtle guard. Telles sweeps and comes on top, ? is in half guard but Tellesis in north south, then frees his leg. Telles wins! Missed by what. Steve Kim just won his match in brown belt medio. Fuck! I should be on the mat right now! Congrats Steve. Elliot Marshall is fighting right now as well, opponent from Gracie Barra. Wins his match. Brown belt medium, Braulio’s brother just pulled off a nice sweep to what looked like a simultaneous leg and armbar. The tap was from the armbar, but his opponent got up limping. Jason Collard up now picks up a leg, fights for the takedown, his opponents jumps to the flying triangle. Jason gets out., Stands to pass, looks for the cut through, his opponent almost takes his back. Jason defends and is in his opponents full guard. Back to Jason’s guard. Jason stands up holding a leg. Restart, ? pulls guard, Collard looks to pass but gets swept. Jason stands but his opponent riding his back now. Opponent gets takedown and back points. Jason recovers guard, locks triangle, armbar, opponent rolls, jaons finishes from top! Great match! Andre Galvao vs ???? ? pulls guard immedaitely. Galvao standing, ? gets the takedown. Glavao recovers and forces his opponent to all fours, with Galvao sprawled on top. Galvao opens takes the back. Galvao takes full mount now. Can’t finish and it moves back and forth. Galvao wins on points. Jeff Glover vs Yuki Ishikawa Yuki pulls guard Jeff on top. Stays there for awhile. Jeff stands up from the closed guard. Nothing happens, so both fighter are given a negative advantage. Jeff winds up on side control. Back to guard, Jeff Glover wins. Paul Schriner on one mat, Luke Stewart on another mat. Galvao on the far mat from me still all over his opponent. Jeff Glover’s match still going on. So much to type. Luke’s oppoent shotts for a takedown. Luke defends, turns it into an armbar, comes on top for an omaplata. Match gets back to the feet. Luke pulls guard as his opponent shoots and loses two points but locks on an Omaplata, no submission, but gets the sweep. Luke in his opponents half guard now. Luke on bottom finishes with an armbar. Brandon Vera fighting now, Telles vs Lovato up next. Eduardo Telles vs Rafael Lovato Jr. Telles drops immediately to turtle guard. Lovato gripping leg and far collar. Lovato moving around, looking for the answer to Telles’ guard, switches grips and moves around. Lovato much more aggressive than the previous time they fought. Telles is forced to sit up at times, but keeps Lovato at bay. Lovato has three advantages now. Telles to half guard now. Telles scoops up a leg, gets a sweep for two points. Interesting strategy as Lovato backs off of Telles, forcing him to his feet to play the takedown game for a bit. Telles drop back to guard then sits down as Lovato backs off and dares him to get up. After some discussion with the referee, Lovato enganges Telles’ turtle guard again. Lovato throws Telles legs over, momentarily has side control, referee only gives an advantaqge! Time expires and Telles has the win. Crowd boos to show disapproval. Bogus call in my opinion. Damien Maia vs Paulo Gazze Maia takes Gazze’s back quickly. Gazze escapes, momentarily at least, Maia is on side control except for Gazze sneaking a leg in. Back to the feet somehow. Missed a lot of the match. Maia wins on points. Steve Kim just won his second match. Couldn’t see how. Mike Fowler vs Igor Gracie Bibiano vs ???? ? starts off by manuevering to the back and sinking in a collar choke that would have made most mortals tap. Bibiabo escapes but remains on the bottom. Back to their feet. Bibiano drives hard for a takedown and the pair goes out of bounds. Bibiano full guard now. Match goes back up. Score is 2-0 in favor of Bibiano? Bibiano wins 2-0 Jason Collard up again. Jason either nearly takes the back, or his opponents nearly takes side control, but a roll later and we’re in Jason’s opponent’s guard. Jason on top, works to pass guard, Jason takes mount, gets the tap. Igor Gracie vs Mike Fowler Igor and Mike are tied up on their feet. Mike Fowler jumps to guard. Igor posturing, base is good and stand up, but Fowler pulls him down. Igor stands again, Folwer has not opened his guard and pulls Igor down again. Mike opens up and Igor forces his way to half guard. Fowler with a near sweep, Igor avoids by crawling on all fours, Mike gets the takedown? No, Igor comes back on top to Folwer’s half guard. Igor looking to pass, Fowler with x-guard, sweeps for two points! Fowler on top in Igor’s open guard, igor looking for the submission, but Fowler stuffs Igor’s hooks, and looks to pass. Igor sits up and drives forward but Fowler sprawls. Time out and match is restarted on the feet. Fowler with 2 more points on a takedown, to Igor’s guard. Fowler wins! 4-0 Roger Gracie vs Xande Riberio Despite the tremendous action going on all around, you better believe all eyes are on this mat. The two begin locked up, roger is very protective of his collar from Xande’s grip. Xande nearly gets the takedown but Roger defends. Roger now with a high grip, using his reach well. The two circle for several minutes like this, until roger pulls guard. Roger has a cross sleeve grip and is looking for his closed guard sweep, Xande sprawl and defends, but that grip is giving him trouble. Xande gets to half guard, presses Rogers face and looks to free his leg. He let’s off the pressure to switch his grip and Roger sits up and the fighters stand. Roger pulls guard again. Xande nearly gets the cut through pass and Roger stands. Xande takes Roger down as the whistle blows. Xande Riberio wins by virtue of one advantage! Rolles Gracie vs ???? (Superheavy finals) Rolles Gracie is in his guard, ? forces to half guard. Rolles is forced to turtle, almost gives up his back, spins to a kneebar but the match is out of bounds, and restarted in the center. Rolles has 2 points to ? 0. Back to the feet, ? has the back from standing, But Rolles rolls out, ? Comes on top, But Rolles rolls on top. Damian Maia vs Romula Barros Maia pulls guard almost instantly. AS Barros looks to pass, Maia scoops up a leg and goes for the takedown. Barros defends and a pause in the match. Restart, to Maia’s half guard as Romulo aggressively looks to pass. Maia looks to turtle , comes back on top. Maia in full guard now. Romulo stands and Maia keeps his guard closed. Maia wins on points, tough match. Taking a breather now, as I can’t type well anymore and need to conserve battery life. Andre Galvao vs Mike Fowler Fowler pulls to half guard right away. Very nearly pulls off the sweep, but instead Galvao goes right to Fowler’s back! No hooks however, and Fowler puts his back to the ground. Again Folwer nearly sweeps, but Galvao stands up and Fowler pulls guard again. Galvao heavy on Fowler, Fowler nearly sweeps again but Galvao gets to side control. Fowler still almost rolls on top, but Galvao defends well, then locks on the side control. Galvao with knee on stomach, two points. Score is 5-0. Fowler somehow rolls back to his guard. , but Galvao moves around to the left and sits on fowler’s chest. Fowler still has a leg trapped, but Fowler spins out. Galvao looking for a Brabo choke, but Fowler defends. Galvao again knee on stomach, but switches to the mount, then finishes with a cross collar choke. Impressive performance from Fowler for the day, but Galvao repeats as champion. Braulio Estima vs Telles Braulio pulls guard right away and Telles looks to pass. As Telles tries to pass, Braulio manuevers around and locks on a reverse triangle! Telles in serious trouble as Braulio switches to an armlock and finishes. Braulio by armlock! Still more results Jeff Glover defeats Donald Park by sub. Paulo Guilobel over Hermes Franca by points James Boran over Stan Hendricks (points) Open weight division Raphael Lovoto Jr over ? (Pluma Japanese competitor) triangle choke Roger Gracie over Thiago Gaia (submission) Raphael Lovato Jr. over Eduardo Telles points Braulio Estima over Megaton (Flying Triangle) Braulio Estima over ? armbar (he fought immediately after Megaton and neither match lasted a minute). Roger Gracie over Vinicius de Magalhaes by rear naked choke. Xande Riberio over Damien Maia by 4 advantages to 0. Roger Gracie vs Raphael Lovato Jr. Roger Gracie tosses Lovato for two after some jockeying for position, and nearly has mount save for Lovato’s knee. Lovato is able to recover for a full closed guard however. After a minute of posturing and breaking posture, Roger plays tight to Lovato’s head and looks to power past the guard. Lovato is trying desperating to swing underneath and sweep, but Roger is very heavy on top. Roger fold Raphael in half, and Raphael is forced over and Roger takes Lovato’s back for four. Lovato escapes to mount and Roger looks for a head and arm choke? Not sure, but he’s way underneath Lovato’s arms. Roger spins to an armbar and forces Lovato to tap out. Xande Riberio vs Braulio Estima The two tie up and exchange grips to start the match. Braulio jumps to guard with Xande still standing. Braulio is finally able to pull Xande to the ground. Braulio is doing a good job with destroying Xande’s posture, gets a great grip using the lapel over the shoulder. Xande stands up as Braulio works in a great choke. Look close, but Xande escapes. Now to Braulio’s open guard. Braulio works the x-guard, and sweeps Xande! Xande now working his open guard as Braulio looks to pass. To Xande’s closed guard now. Xande looks to sweep, Braulio looks to turtle, Xande slaps on a clock choke. Braulio somehow manages to launch Xande. Fighters to the feet, Xande manages to spin Braulio around and take the back, but they are out of bounds and the referee restarts on the feet. Advantage Xande tho. Score is 2-2 1 advantage Xande Xande immediately jumps to guard. Xande scores a sweep for two more points, but it goes to the feet as time expires. Winner is Xande Riberio. Jeff Glover is awarded his black belt on the podium! Congratulations Jeff Glover! Roger Gracie vs Xande Riberio Absolute Final What is left of the crowd is gathered around the mat for this. The match starts and the two exchange tie ups and grips on the feet. Roger pulls guard, and pulls Xande straight into a triangle. Xande is forced to tap! Match is over in less than a minute! Roger gets his revenge and the absolute title!

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