Pan Ams 2003

Off to Santa Barbara we go to the very first Pan Am’s out here on the West Coast since the first one!

Off to Santa Barbara we go to the very first Pan Am’s out here on the West Coast since the first one! I was so excited not only was I going to cover it for the best web site around, (PSST That’s you guys here at OTM!) I was also going to get to do the photography for Gracie Magazine! This was my first time doing just photography for some one so I was a bit nervous about that but hey when the mag comes out GET IT! It should have some of the best coverage of the Pan Am’s. This is also going to have some coverage of the Brazil x USA event that went along with the Pan Am’s on Saturday. So stay tuned if you get confused let us know and do feel bad cause I think we all got a bit lost on those days! Oh and just so everyone knows I did my best on some of the names! If it’s wrong email me and I will do what I can to change it. Brazil X USA Joao Paulo Kuraoka was one of the purple belts that competed in this part and right off the bat he jumps guard and then he gets a sweep and then the mount and starts to look for submissions. Eddie was on the bottom looking for an escape and when he rolled to his knees and Joao Paulo Kuraoka got his hooks and Eddie was smart to turn back over only to give up the mount. This didn’t discourage Eddie as he was able to defend a choke that Joao was going for for a while but in the end it was Joao that got the tap with using Eddies own collar. Felipe X Alan Jablonski Felipe gets the sweep on Alan right in the beginning of the match and is able to work passed the guard. He makes it past but Alan is making it hard to go anywhere. Alan rolled and was able to get a triangle that almost finished the match. Felipe defended the submission attempt and moved forward to pass the guard again and get to mount but wasn’t there long enough to get the points. Felipe eventually gets the mount and the points but it was the armbar that got him the match Ryan Gregg x “Carara” Braulio Estima Ryan hasn’t been around a while and though this was a short match it was good to see him back in the action. Ryan tries to shot but his opponent sprawls and jumps guard. Ryan has to defend an triangle but it seemed easy enough as he did and looked to do a duck under pass to side but his opponent was very sly and tired to sweep him but instead he helicopter armbared Ryan. This was by far the best submission of the day! (Sorry Ryan!) Marcio Fetosia Souza x Sean Williams The start off in the center of the mat looking for a grip on each other and Sean pulled half guard on Marcio. Marcio was very calm throughout this entire match but none more so than when he started to talk casually to one of his guys on the sidelines. Marcio wasn’t able to solve the half guard of Sean until he was almost out and Sean turned to his knees where Marcio was able to get one hook in. Sean is able to roll and get Marcio back in full guard but it was not and easy task. Marcio was able to pass Sean’s guard and as he did Sean defended by going to his knees and not allowing for the points. When Marcio tried to pass his guard Sean started looking for a bicep crush that at first looked tight then Marcio was able to pass and secure side control. Marcio wins a tough match by points. Rafael Correra x Dave Camarillo From the start of the match Dave starts looking for a foot sweep but instead of getting taken down Rafael jumps guard and Dave rests a bit looking to escape but not willing to loose position to do so! Rafael starts looking for a collar choke but its defended and Dave starts to work his way out of the half guard and Rafael was able to sweep and that got him 2 points. This sweep came at the right time as Rafael worked to pass the guard but just couldn’t escape from Dave. There was a bit of inactivity and the ref stood them up and Dave immediately went to guard and tried his best to get a sweep on Rafael who kept his base and would not allow Dave to move too much. Rafael ended up winning this match by 2 points. Dave looked disappointed but this was a hard battle for both guys and they both gave everything they had in the match. At one point they both had a chance to submit each other by foot lock or something of that nature but neither guy wanted to give up position so they had to let go and start again with Rafael in his guard. (editors note: Dave fought up two weight classes to fill a slot here!) Just a side note here Rener Gracie won his match by using a very tight inverted triangle and when the ref stopped the match the guy the Rener was fighting could not stand up! That was one tight triangle! (Editors note, Rener fought Fabio Leopoldo). Next match I got to see was Pe De Pano fighting Robert Handley This was my first time that I have seen Pe De Pano in person so this was kind of cool. Right off the bat though it wasn’t a pleasant thing for Robert as he was taken down and Cruz got his knee on belly and Robert turned to the turtle position and then Pe De Pano was able to work from the back and when he did so he tried to get his hooks in as soon as he did that Robert turned his back to the mat and was able to mount and work for a reverse Kimura/armlock that Robert was able to defend and showed his tenacity and not tap to the lock. In the end it was Pe De Pano that was able to secure the win against his opponent by raking the points up to 15. Cleber Luciano x “The Savage” On the clinch in the middle of the mat Savage kept trying for a takedown but Cleber wasn’t havein non of that and defended until he was able to work the Savage into position for a shoulder throw that almost worked! (One advantage to Cleber for that one) The savage dropped his weight and Cleber ended up pushing away so that he could stand and start to work for a takedown. Cleber was looking for the takedown and ended up in butterfly guard at one point but they were both looking for a foot lock on each other and that forced Cleber to work to stand up. Cleber got up and tried to take Savage down but to no avail and he went to half guard but after a bit of no action the ref stood them up but this is where Cleber was able to get a sweep and take the match 4,1×0. Café Dantes x Amal Easton Café gets the single leg and tries to work from half guard and Amal tried hard to keep Café from passing but Café was slick and moved to the mounted position but Amal worked harder still and got Café back to half guard. Café was able to pass and go to north south position then immediately got knee in belly then secured the side mount. Café got mount to knee in belly and then he had to go back to side control. Café had his hands full as he tried to escape the half guard and when he did his points went to 15×0 and he tried for some more as he passed the guard and when he did that he went for a knee bar so fast that people were asking me how he got there! I had no clue but I knew that the points were going to be what wins the match for Café! Limao x A guy from Alliance (I was on the opposite side of the mats and didn’t get there in time!) Limao had a hard stand up fight and then got taken down and had a tight choke that I thought he would tap to but he escaped and got to guard where he started to work fast for a tap. They got stood back up and his opponent tried to take him down but it was out of bounds so I don’t think that counted. (Oh did I mention that I was trying to watch three matches so if there is some discrepancy let me know and maybe we can fix it!) Limao pulled guard as to not get taken down again and sunk in a guillotine and then a cross collar choke that made his opponent tap. Rodrigo Medeiros had a match that all I saw him doing was rapid-fire submissions from across the mat. (I was on the opposite side of the mats SORRY!) He went for a Kimura took his opponents back went for a choke missed it went for an armbar his opponent defended then he went for his opponents back and started to put in his hooks worked for a rear naked and then for another armbar but this one gets the tap! Great submission attempts by Rodrigo and to his opponent good defense and sorry I didn’t get your name! Oh here is where Carlos Gracie Jr. stops all the matches to tell everyone that some a$$hole had called in a bomb threat, that was when Carlos said it was our choice to leave. NO ONE LEFT! In case you (the guy that called it in) haven’t heard Terrorist Suck and we just kicked you’re a$$es! So anyways on to some more fights Faranjhina x Sean Riggers Faranjhina got this to the ground immediately with a great takedown and then passes the guard and he winds up in side control for a 5×0 lead. Faranjhina gets the mount and works a collar choke and sets up an armbar but missed in the end time was called and Faranjhina won by 9×0 In the purple belts Todd Fox pulled guard and Marc pulled guard and swept Todd immediately and with Todd on his back he stopped Marc from passing and when they got stood up Todd got taken down but he snapped on an armbar that I thought would end the match but Marc had more guts than I gave credit for and pulled out of it and passed the guard. Todd had to go to open guard and tried to sweep him over but his opponent had a great base and didn’t budge. Todd lost to Marc Marins by points 8×0 Jason Brudvik and Marc Marins go at it a bit later on in the day and Jason tried to pull gurd but Marc pulls back and pulls Jason by the ankles to try for knee in belly but Jason turns his body into the pull and is able to get guard. Jason pulls guard again and sweeps Marc to get 2 points and then Marc defends and puts him back in guard. They are standing back up and Jason pulls guard again looks for a sweep Marc backs out but gets taken down for it and Jason gets side control and Jason works for a Kimura but then slowly takes the arm for an armbar. Knowing he was caught Marc tapped before his arm was stretched completely and Jason let go immediately! Even though I didn’t get to see the finals match between Jason Brudvik and Tyron Leonardo Leite x Eban Kaneshiro This was the final in the purple belt featherweight division. It was also a rematch from the Brazil x USA the same day. Leandro won on the first meeting but won history repeat itself? When Eban tried for a single leg Leonardo was able to sweep and take him down and mount him instantly! Now I didn’t get to see the first time they met but this match was already kickin off in high gear. Eban goes to a turtle position and he starts to put one hook in and eban keeps the other hook from getting in. When Eban rolled Leonardo was able to get his other hook in and go for a cross collar choke that Eban defended for a while but eventually succumbed to the choke. Leonardo takes the featherweight division. Isamu Horuchi from United BJJ made his stab at the masters purple belt division as he had a hard fight against the eventual first place winner Mike Power. Isamu was able to get an advantage for a sweep but because it was in the middle of a transition he did not get the points. (This stuff is hard to follow!) So anyways Mike had to work from half guard and here is where he went for a Kimura lock that rolled Isamu over Mikes stomach and reversing it for the 2 points and the win! Sandro “Batata” Santiago X Juliano Prado This was another Black belt match that is a very tough match to watch; in the end it was the advantages that set it apart. Batata was able to secure 6 advantages to Juliano’s 1 by making repeated attempts to pass his guard and work for sweeps and reversals. Juliano tried early in the match to use a choke after he jumped guard but was unable to finish it. Batata went for a sweep but Juliano got too advantage and go this own sweep but was reversed back immediately. Remember you have to control your opponent after such a move. Then Batata tried to pass the guard and ended up in half guard in the end it was Batata with his hand raised. “Megaton” Wellington Dias x Renato Migliaccio They met in the middle and in true Megaton fashion he takes the fight to his opponent fast and furiously. He pulls guard and goes for a sweep when Renato defends he goes for another submission and then a sweep. It didn’t end there as Megaton went for another sweep and three yes three submissions, he tried a triangle and then an armbar and then a triangle again and then had to go back to guard as Renato defended them all! That was an amazing thing to see. They stood back up but It went back to the ground not sure how it got there but the next thing I see is Megaton trying to take Renato back after he turns to his knees and then they get back to get back to their feet and Megaton is defending a single leg that he eventually succumbs to and is now down 2 points. Megaton goes for a key lock and sweeps continuously and when its standing he goes for throws that Renato defends and holds on for a 2 point 1 advantage win over Megaton who had 4 advantages. Renato is an amazing guy he defended some hard-core submissions and throws that Megaton attempted and I found out that Renato was also a Black Belt in Judo and a Black Belt under Ryan Gracie. He told me something in Portuguese but me being the gringo that I am only caught that he was glad to fight Megaton and that it was a very hard fight. (I think!J Wander Braga x Fabio Wander gets a sweep after jumping guard. Now its not one of those sweeps that takes time this happened fast and you could hear Fabio hit the ground hard as he rolled over. Wander is trying to pass the guard and gets put back in guard and ended up having to start all over again. It seems that Wander and Fabio were pretty evenly matched as the match went on cause every time Wander tried anything Fabio defended but not enough as it ended up Wander wins 2,2 x 0,2 Joao Silva x Cassio Werneck Cassio jumped guard and was looking for a sweep at the same time Joao was trying to pass his guard when Joao passed and tried for a knee in belly Cassio was able to sweep him and go to the North South position and the points. Cassio jumped to knee in belly and started to work a collar choke. Joao got caught with the collar choke that Margarita used to win in the Mundials and had to tap about 3 minutes or so in to the match. Todd Margolis and Amal Easton were going at it on another mat and it looked like Amal had jumped guard. Todd worked hard to pass the guard and ended up standing up with Amal. Todd shot for a great double leg and nailed it and passed as he did so. Amal was able to get Todd to half guard where he got to rest a bit. Amal was on bottom and Todd pushed hard to get past his guard and to side control for 3 more points. Amal tried to sweep Todd using Todd’s gi wrapped around his foot and pushing Todd off. Todd dropped his weight and went to knee in belly for 3 points. So it ended with 8,2x 1advantage. Paulo Guillobhel x Anderson Goncalves Anderson went to pull guard and Paulo backed away fast and they went back to standing in the center of the mat when Anderson did jump guard he immediately started to work for a submission and Paulo passed his guard and went to a North South position but Anderson had his head caught between his knees so Paulo couldn’t move to much. Paulo throws around Anderson’s legs to try to pass but he defends and puts Paulo back in his guard. Paulo was almost passed his guard when Anderson was looking to sweep him. Paulo wasn’t having none of that so he sat back to guard and started to work it again. In the end of this battle of wills it was Paulo with 3 advantages to 0 for Anderson. Asa Fuller and Rob Ables were playing on another mat when Asa shot in and took a single leg then drug Rob to the mat. Asa worked to pass the guard and Rob is able to work his way back to standing for an advantage. Asa takes another single leg and dumps Rob to the mat for 2 more points where he didn’t wait when Rob tried to turtle up and Asa moved to his side and worked in a tight clock choke to win the match. This was the first place match for the Super heavy Masters Purple belt division. These are the matches from the Adult Black Belt Super Super Heavies. Joao Silva x Cassio Werneck Cassio jumped guard and was looking for a sweep at the same time Joao was trying to pass his guard when Joao passed and tried for a knee in belly Cassio was able to sweep him and go to the North South position and the points. Cassio jumped to knee in belly and started to work a collar choke. Joao got caught with the collar choke that Margarita used to win in the Mundials and had to tap about 3 minutes or so in to the match. Café and Fabricio Werden start up on another mat where Café was a lot fast with the foot lock and won his match in a matter of seconds. Café has shown a lot of technique over the years but he looked to be in the best shape of his career. Pe De Pano X Thiago Cruz (who went up 2 weight divisions for this year) Pano started off by PULLING GUARD on Thiago and then swept him over. Thiago tried to do the same but Pano stood up and took Thiago down with a hard ankle pick that set him on his shoulder. Thiago rolled over to his knees and Pano went to take his back but Thiago rolled again to avoid the hooks and stood up. Thiago shot in and Pano sprawled on him and when they stood up Pano had his collar and threw him LITERALLY over his shoulder and put Thiago on his back. Pano got knee on belly and pulled to try to submit the though Thiago. Pano moved over for an armbar and pulled it slowly for the win. Rafael Correa x Mark Kompaneyets Rafael pulls half guard in his match and starts to look for a sweep to pull Mark on his back. Rafael has a tough guard and about half way through the match it was still Mark looking for any way to pass his guard. In the end of this match though it was up to the ref and he gave it to Rafael for being the aggressor in the match. Paulo Guillobhel x Todd Margolis Todd shoots in for a double leg and Paulo sprawls to defend it and Todd tried to pull Paulo off balance and go for a sweep but Paulo kept it together and he pulled guard instead of letting that happen again. Todd is able to escape and they get back to their feet when Todd shoots again and again Paulo has to defend. There is some exchanging of submission attempts from both these guys. This was another quick paced match as they both work hard to get points or submit one another. The points are 6 advantages for Todd and 2 points and 4 advantages for Paulo. At about twenty seconds left Todd Jumps guard and tries to sweep Paulo but he drops his weight and he doesn’t move. There was a bit of controversy as Todd was able to move to side control (Paulo kept his knee in so he didn’t pass the guard.) but because Paulo’s back wasn’t flat to the mat he didn’t get the points. Kind of controversial call but this would be a great rematch! Cassio Werneck x Rafael Correa This was a hard match to watch as Rafael and Cassio were great technicians in the game. Cassio was the one that jumped guard and Rafael stood up with him still in his guard. I thought Rafael was going to pass but Cassio had a tight grip around his waist and Rafael had to put him back to the mat. Cassio tried to sweep Rafael but Rafael tried to pass his guard and he almost got caught in an Omoplata and then a triangle but Rafael defended both and pulled back and went back to Cassio’s guard. Rafael tried to get a couple of collar choke but isn’t able to get it tight enough and in the end it was Cassio with 1 advantage that wins him the match. In the finals of the Lightweight Adult Black belt match it was Carlos Eduardo and Wander Braga and this was another very technical match. Both of these guys tried for armbars and both defended well. Wander had Carlos in his guard and in the end it was Carlos that got the win from the ref after both had equal advantages. I’d hate to be a judge on any one of the matches but to have both guys with equal points and have to make the decision. OUCH! So this brings me to the Open Division and to kick it off Thiago Cruz and Anderson Goncalves which he gets ahead right off the bat and double legs Thiago but in the struggle for control Thiago stand up and he jumps guard on Anderson. Anderson tries to loosen him up but Thiago hangs on tight and here is where it gets fuzzy, Anderson spins and kneebars Thiago just like that! Crazy knee bar but it gets him the win in the first round. Gazzy and Kelly Paul were going at it on a mat on the other side. From what I saw Gazzy was able to jump guard and work an open guard. It looked like she was keeping busy but not the ref who gave it to Kelly in the end. Sorry I couldn’t get more on this but I had three fights going at the same time. Todd Margolis and Marcio Cruz “Pe De Pano” hit it at on the second match in the open and Marcio tried to shoot and Todd Sprawls nicely and when Marcio stands up he tries to throw Todd over his shoulder but Todd dropped his weight and it wasn’t completed but Marcio did get an advantage for it. Todd shoots for a double leg and Marcio goes over his back as Todd stands up Marcio is on his hands with his legs over Todd’s back. Marcio pulls guard and sweeps Todd and gets two points. Todd’s fighting in half guard and Marcio stands back up and Todd shoots for a double leg and has to switch to a single leg where he gets Marcio to the ground but no points were given to him. (Still don’t know why!) So anyways Marcio gets a sweep that he gets points for and passes Todd’s guard where he goes to knee in belly and is able to submit Todd with the knee in chest. All you hear is the air escaping from Todd’s lungs! Round three of the open saw Jorge “Van Dam” win with a wristlock. I was trying to get over there but again wrong place wrong time! Well round four of the open I got to see Glen Barber and Roberto Tozi and Tozi got a hip throw that put him on the top with the North South position and Tozi even did a fireman carry and to side control that put him in the position to get a head and arm choke to win the match. Pe De Pano and Joao Silva met up in round five and this was just one of those matches where shear size made a difference as Marcio was able to pass the guard of Joao and go North South and tried to mount but Joao slipped his foot over to trap Marcio’s foot to prevent him from mounting. That worked for a while but he goes ahead and goes to Knee in belly and Joao pushes hard but Joao tried to defend but that set him up for an armbar. Fabricio Werdun and Jorge “Van Dam “met up in the six match of the open and what a war these two had. Fabricio was able to dominate for the most part after a nice sweep by Fabricio, Van Dam tried to stand up and Fabricio tried to take him down with an ankle pick but it was out of bounds so just an advantage. Van Dam pulls guard and looks for an armbar. Brown belts Rommel Dunbar and Tim Cartmell were on another mat and it was Rommel that pulled guard and Tim having to work to pass his guard. Rommel is working from his back and sweeps Tim over and almost gets caught in an armbar but after freeing himself from the armbar he works himself to half guard. Tim gets a sweep and puts Rommel on his back. Rommel and Tim got stood up due to inactivity. Tim pulls guard and gets a sweep on Rommel to put himself ahead and win the match at 4×2. This will be another rematch to watch for. Kenny Bond x John Shibonus Kenny is a guy I have watched in tournaments since I started Jiu Jitsu. So this was kinda cool to see him out here. Kenny jumped guard and almost immediately moved to half guard and sweeps John and and they end up staying in this position for a while. Kenny was looking to pass the guard for the rest of the match and was forcing John to move fast, work hard but not enough to win. Kenny takes it 4,1 x 0,1. Just a side note Kenny won the division but I didn’t get to stay to watch it. (Had to go home, long drive, can’t see straight!) This is when the finals of the open kicked off and it was Marcio Pe De Pano Cruz and Fabricio Werdun. Marcio pulled guard right off the bat but waits a bit to make any moves which I think put Fabricio more on guard than usual. Fabricio was able to get to half guard and then jumps to North South on Marcio to get a coke that was sunk deep. Or so I thought. When Marcio escaped you could hear the crowd going crazy! After a quick transition and a lot of rolling Marcio was in a position where he attempted a triangle but couldn’t get it sunk in in time and Fabricio stood up to avoid it and this is where the struggle ensued. Marcio was able to take Fabricio down and when he did Fabricio rolled like hell to avoid Marcio’s top game. Fabricio turtled up and Marcio went to work getting his hooks in and after he gets his hooks in he tries to work a couple chokes and Fabricio turns his back to the mat and Marcio takes his arm for the win with an armbar. Tim Cartmell and James Tanaka met up in the finals for the brown belt division and this battle had both guys even on advantages, as they both were busy looking for submissions and sweeps. In the end though is where Tim came through with attempting a crazy foot lock and almost had it, James defended and while he was defending he got swept over and Tim got the tie breaking lead of 2,2 x 0,2. Just some other guys that I didn’t get to see but wanted to say congratulations to are Ed Beneville who came in second in the open and the Heavy weight divisions. Consistency pays off! I guess Joe Camacho and Jack Mc Vicker went at it and I heard it was a great match. Again had to go home so didn’t get to see it. Jack won the match and the division. Joe took second so for his first brown belt tournament I think that’s pretty damn good! So this is all I can handle writing for now. Like I said if I missed your match it wasn’t intentional at all and I want to congratulate you all! Official Results Blue Belt Juvenile Male Super Feather First Alejandro Zea Yamasaki Academy Second Loren Valdez Santa Fe BJJ Third Jesse Magana Laurita BJJ Feather First Mauricio Borloth Filho Marinho JJ Second Donald Bolt Aloisio Silva Light First Daniel Valdez Ralph Gracie Second Justin Shane Lovatos BJJ Third Clay Copland Texas Punishment Crew Third Dwayne Kelly Aloisio Silva Middle First Jose Ilson Freitas Jr Master Boca Second Kyle Snyder Relson Gracie Third Kevin Hoseini Fabio Santos Third Brat Harding Marcelo Alonso Medium Heavy First Rhalan Gracie Relson Gracie Second Sawato Kawanura Charles Gracie Heavy First Alan Regis Isaias JJ Second Paulo Augusto Lontra Gracie Barra Third Jacob Mc Clintock Nova União Third Joseph Lopez Carlson Gracie Team Super Super Heavy First Luis Pedro Ribeiro Franco Penteado Second David Edmunds Gracie Barra Virginia Third Diego Innecco Yamasaki Academy Blue Belt Adult Male Blue Belt Adult Male Rooster Rooster First Jason Lugtu Pedro Sauer Second Johnny Orozco Gracie JJ Academy Super Feather First Rafael Assuncao Alliance USA Second Tim Valdez Santa Fe BJJ Third Brian Harper Kovars Third Samuelson Go Nova União Feather First Brad Scott Relson Gracie Second Nathan Phan Franco de Camargo Third David Nguyen Machado JJ Third Salvatore Sanguinetti Yamasaki Academy Light First Michael Fowler Lloyd Irvin Second Andrew Smith Richmond BJJ Third David Farkas Bervely Hills Third Maycon Motta Carlson Gracie Revolution Middle First Kurt Pellegrino Renzo Gracie Second Marcus Hicks Alliance Third Sean Apperson Alliance USA Third Nenad Dragojlovich AMA Medium Heavy First Sal Azuela Laurita BJJ Second Fletcher Sievers Santa Fe BJJ Third Devon Kramer Yamasaki Academy Third Erik Soderbergh Rickson Heavy First Brad Peterson Gracie Humaita Second Rafael Parmegiano Gracie SP Third Nick Kline Boulder BJJ Third Julian Pineau RCJ Machado Super Heavy First Stephan Bonnar Carlson Gracie Revolution Blue Belt Adult Male Super Heavy Second Travis Vassalo Alliance USA Third Jonathan Menke Rodrigo Vaghi Third Larry King Boulder BJJ Super Super Heavy First Brandon Vera Linxx Second David Gill Charles Gracie Third Manoel Sandoval Caique JJ Third George Castronova Renzo Gracie Blue Belt Master Male Super Feather First Ferdinand Mercado Ralph Gracie Second Joel Borgia Marcelo Alonso Third Miguel Arambul Cleber JJ Feather First Jimmy Salamanca Megaton Second Robert Raymond Las Vegas Combat Club Third Lincilin Smith Boulder BJJ Third Joshua Miller Gracie Barra Tampa Light First Max Masuzawa Caique JJ Second Gill Olivas Cia Paulista Third Tarek Claudio Franca Third Shane Thibodeaux Texas Punishment Crew Middle First Francisco Arias ST Sports Second Tom Knox Gracie Barra Orange Third Joe Duran Santa Fe BJJ Third Gye Nitta Relson Gracie Medium Heavy First Peter Lawson Renzo Gracie Second Mario Deveault Kang BJJ Third Scott Sievers Carlson Gracie Team Third Morgan Paraskevas Yamasaki Academy Heavy First Todd Smart Pedro Sauer Blue Belt Master Male Heavy Second Enrique Diaz Cano Caique JJ Third Felipe Espinoza Alliance USA Third Vinh Tran Rickson Super Heavy First Josh Watson Charles Gracie Second Cassey Strobel Texas Punishment Crew Third Simon Small Gracie Barra Super Super Heavy First Vincent Malpasso Carlson Gracie Revolution Second Rudy Gimenez Carlson Gracie Revolution Third Virgil Soares Las Vegas Combat Club Third Scott Lewis Nova União Open Class First Todd Smart Pedro Sauer Second Virgil Soares Las Vegas Combat Club Third Simon Small Gracie Barra Third Todd O’Brien Boston BJJ Blue Belt Senior 1 Male Super Feather First Luis Vega Caique JJ Second Shingo Izawa Caique JJ Feather First Mikizinho Lovelett Carlson Gracie Revolution Second Jim Keller Santa Fe BJJ Light First Sean Patrick Rickson Second Artur Ramos Alliance Third Mario Horabuena Megaton Middle First Carlos sorondo Jorge Pereira Second Patrick Robinson Mc Vickers Third Scott Singer ST Sports Third Juan Gallinal Jorge Pereira Medium Heavy First Tony Cole Cassio Werneck Blue Belt Senior 1 Male Medium Heavy Second Todd Gerish Laurita BJJ Third Lee Sakai Relson Gracie Third Billy Fletcher Alliance Heavy First Jim Gorman Renzo Gracie Second Tim Hogan Carlson Gracie Revolution Third John Carron Joao Amaral Third Chris Young Cleber JJ Super Heavy First Michael Vann Claudio Franca Second David Suliafu Nova União Third Moe Garcia Machado JJ Super Super Heavy First James Washington Carlson Gracie Team Second John B Kennedy BJJ Revolution Team Third Tim Mc Evoy Carlson Gracie Revolution Third Kevin Fialko Carlson Gracie Revolution Open Class First Eric Rapp Carlson Gracie Team Second John B Kennedy BJJ Revolution Team Third Tony Cole Cassio Werneck Third Juan Gallinal Jorge Pereira Blue Belt Senior 2 Male Light First Marcos Runnels Texas Punishment Crew Second Tomas Runsey Claudio Franca Third Mario Horabuena Gracie Humaita Third Marc Gasbara Laurita BJJ Middle First Bruce Tafoya Cleber JJ Second Veija Nyman Hilti BJJ Third Greg Lopez Gracie Barra Orange Third Jim de Luca Boston BJJ Medium Heavy First Milton Del Carlo Claudio Franca Blue Belt Senior 2 Male Medium Heavy Second Jay Crain Texas Punishment Crew Third Marty Moody Carlson Gracie Revolution Third Itabora Ferreira Claudio Franca Super Heavy First Thomas Malone Ralph Gracie Second Roberto Mendes Cia Paulista Third David Coles Gracie Barra Super Super Heavy First James Minadanel Charles Gracie Open Class First David Coles Gracie Barra Second Jay Crain Texas Punishment Crew Blue Belt Senior 3 Male Feather First John Wayne Dartanian’s BJJ Light First Patrick Vanover Vandry BJJ Second Chris Scals Cleber Luciano JJ Third John Gorman Yamasaki Academy Middle First Daniel Schnurrenberger Charles Gracie Second Kevin Moore Behring Third Michael Finch Gracie Barra Tampa Medium Heavy First Bob Taggart Alliance USA Second Michael Downin Oregon BJJ Heavy First Bruce Bringleson Aloisio Silva Second Paul Benzanon Oregon BJJ Super Heavy First William Davis Rickson Second Bernard I. Weinstock Alliance USA Third James Kendall Hudson Gracie Barra Virginia Super Super Heavy First Roy Alvarado Gracie Barra Orange Blue Belt Senior 3 Male Super Super Heavy Second Matt Foose Charles Gracie Third Larry Shealy Royce Gracie Third Randy Cox Lutter Open Class First Bob Taggart Alliance USA Second Bernard I. Weinstock Alliance USA Third Roy Alvarado Gracie Barra Orange Third Larry Shealy Royce Gracie Purple Belt Adult Male Rooster First Joao Carlos Kuraoka Axis Japan Second Jason Yang Renzo Gracie Third Fernando Spessoto Godoi JJ Club Third Todd Tanaka Relson Gracie Super Feather First Luiz Gonzales Gracie Barra Orange Second Joao Paulo Kuraoka Axis Japan Third Jeff Glover Alliance USA Third M. Mrkulic Gracie Humaita Feather First Leonardo Leite Gracie Barra Second Eben Kaneshiro Carlson Gracie Revolution Third Mike Blend Las Vegas Combat Club Third Norman Rana Claudio Franca Light First Steven Magdaleno Caique JJ Second Cesar Santos Joao Amaral Third Eric Owings Gracie Barra Third Guy Chapman Yamasaki Academy Middle First Tyrone Glover Cassio Werneck Second Jason Bruduik Carlson Gracie Revolution Third Helio Guerra Machado JJ Third Claudio Mattos Gracie Barra BH Medium Heavy Purple Belt Adult Male Medium Heavy First Luis Gustavo Ferreira Gracie SP Second Romulo Barral Gracie Barra BH Third Sean Spangler Nova União Third Peter Sell Serra BJJ Heavy First Tom Muller Serra BJJ Second Greg Rutkowski Rodrigo Gracie Third Eric da Silva Fabio Santos Third Thiago Goncalves Fabio Santos Super Heavy First Elliot Marshall Boulder BJJ Second Dimitrius Mavraganis RCJ Machado Third Travis Gambino Machado JJ Third Jason Eynon Machado JJ Super Super Heavy First Seth Woodill Alliance USA Second James Nevares Gracie Barra Orange Third Joao Evangelista Peposo Team Third Renato Zamorano Macaco Gold Team Open Class First Romulo Barral Gracie Barra BH Second Mateus Marques Gracie Barra BH Third Peter Letsos Gracie Barra Third Sean Spangler Nova União Purple Belt Master Male Super Feather First Reyn Morimoto Relson Gracie Second Toru Kawamura Charles Gracie Third Paul Forde Megaton Feather First Mike Power Carlson Gracie Revolution Second Tadashi Takashima Boston BJJ Third Isamu Horuchi United BJJ Third Don Geddis Ralph Gracie Light Purple Belt Master Male Light First Pedro Sierra Behring Second Michael Roberts Claudio Franca Third Richard Davis Las Vegas Combat Club Third Mike Diaz Pedro Sauer Middle First Scott Fusilier Machado JJ Second Jeff Rozovics Carlson Gracie Team Third Tim Shears Megaton Third Derrick Caillier Gracie Teresopolis Medium Heavy First Patrick Anastacio Anderson Goncalves Second Drek Dimanno Cassio Werneck Third John Jernigan Machado Dallas Third Jude Samuel Gracie Barra Heavy First Jason Ray Fabio Santos Second Marc Jones Yamasaki Academy Third Mike Ellender Texas Punishment Crew Third George Smith American Top Team Super Heavy First Asa Fuller Cleber Luciano JJ Second Rob Ables Machado JJ Third Jeff Heard Alliance USA Super Super Heavy First Elijah Gardner Alliance USA Second Roger Moore Bervely Hills Third Hamilton Cesar Caetano Carlson Gracie Team Third Kenny McCleandon Alliance USA Open Class First Kenny Mc Cleadon Alliance USA Second Elijah Gardner Alliance USA Third Asa Fuller Cleber Luciano JJ Third Jeff Heard Carlson Gracie Team Purple Belt Senior 1 Male Feather Purple Belt Senior 1 Male Feather First Richard Travis Gracie Barra Tampa Second David Thomas Vandry BJJ Light First Vincent Vanderlipe Cia Paulista Second John Harding Marcelo Alonso Third Fernando Costa Rickson Third Todd Eler Bervely Hilti BJJ Middle First James Jung Cleber Luciano JJ Second John Trujillo Fabio Santos Medium Heavy First Chris Chard American Top Team Heavy First Trevor Clarkson Megaton Super Heavy First Nathan Zigler Relson Gracie Second Dion Watts Machado JJ Super Super Heavy First Malcolm Ahlo Jr Relson Gracie Second Mike Serr Gracie Barra Orange Third Mike Lindmeier Cleber Luciano JJ Open Class First Chris Chard American Top Team Second David Thomas Vandry BJJ Purple Belt Senior 2 Male Feather First Mike Hanson Alliance USA Light First John Ybarra Cleber Luciano JJ Middle First Sean Burke Force BJJ Medium Heavy First Gustavo Enriquez Cassio Werneck Second David Fowler Marcelo Alonso Purple Belt Senior 2 Male Medium Heavy Third Steve Reiter Machado JJ Heavy First Mike Brown Gracie Barra Orange Super Heavy First Hiroyuki Kimura Paraestra Open Class First John Ybarra Cleber Luciano JJ Second Sean Burke Force BJJ Purple Belt Senior 3 Male Light First Mark Van Schuyver Alliance USA Middle First Nicholas Andrews BJJ Second Rod Myata Rey Diogo Third Bill Mason Renzo Gracie Third Ben Faul Machado JJ Medium Heavy First David Kujawski Minesota Martial Arts Heavy First Harvy Berman Caique JJ Second Glen Sweeney Pedro Sauer Open Class First Bill Mason Renzo Gracie Second David Kujawski Minesota Martial Arts Brown Belt Adult Male Feather First Aaron Briley Machado JJ Second Agnaldo Taba Infight Third Shane Agena Relson Gracie Third Mike Vives Carlson Gracie Revolution Light First Antonio Crivelari Jr Castello Branco Second Leandro Slaib Gracie Barra Third Fabiano Victorino Macaco Gold Team Brown Belt Adult Male Light Third Fabricio Moreira Gracie Teresopolis Middle First Felipe Simao Gracie Barra Second Jorge Luiz Vidal De La Riva Third Thiago Vella Gracie SP Third Kenneth Florian Boston BJJ Medium Heavy First Braulio Estima Gracie Barra Second Sylvio Proenca Cassio Werneck Third Misho Seko Ralph Gracie Third Carlos Alberto de Mattos Gracie Barra BH Heavy First Gustavo dos Santos Pires Gracie Barra Second Fernando Jose Di Pierro Alliance USA Third Rafael Lovato Jr Machado JJ Third Sergio Silva Ralph Gracie Super Heavy First Mike Rose Caique JJ Second Arthur Cesar UGF Third Rodrigo Prujnasky dos Santos Gracie Barra Third Alan Shebaro Machado Dallas Super Super Heavy First Rodrigo Botti Alliance USA Second Francisco Fernandes Jr Gracie Barra Third Roy Nelson J-Sect Third Ricardo Moraes Macaco Gold Team Open Class First Braulio Estima Gracie Barra Second Fernando Di Pierro Alliance USA Third Arthur Cesar UGF Third Felipe Simao Gracie Barra Brown Belt Master Male Light First Jack Mc Vicker Gracie Humaita Second Joe Camacho Aloisio Silva Brown Belt Master Male Light Third David Ruiz Machado JJ Middle First David Ginsberg Joao Amaral Second Dirtrich Caillier Gracie Teresopolis Third Mike Onzuka Relson Gracie Medium Heavy First Kenny Bond ST Sports Second Patrick Lacerda Las Vegas Combat Club Third John Shibonus Pedro Sauer Third Steven Headden LA Boxing Heavy First Paulo Melo Joe Moreira Second Ed Beneville Joe Moreira Super Heavy First Rikard Anderson Hilti BJJ Second Yousef Alirezaei Alliance USA Third Antenor Ribeiro Neto Rogerio Olegario Super Super Heavy First David Claham Ralph Gracie Second Todd Broadaway Marcio Simas Third Jeff Kunze Machado JJ Open Class First Jack Mc Vicker Gracie Humaita Second Ed Beneville Joe Moreira Third David Claham Ralph Gracie Third Steven Headden LA Boxing Brown Belt Senior 1 Male Middle First Peter Iacavazzi Behring Second Dean Hopkins Pedro Sauer Medium Heavy First Alvis Solis Machado JJ Super Heavy First Jeff Neal Carlson Gracie Revolution Open Class Brown Belt Senior 1 Male Open Class First Alvis Solis Machado JJ Brown Belt Senior 2 Male Light First Jim Cartmell Cleber Luciano JJ Second James Tanaka Brazilian Freestyle Third Rommel Dumbar United BJJ Brown Belt Senior 3 Male Super Feather First Michael Sillyman Gracie Humaita Middle First James Giacopuzzi Machado JJ Heavy First Daniel Thomas Claudio Franca Second Bill Turner Gracie Barra Virginia Super Heavy First Pat Hardy Texas Punishment Crew Super Super Heavy First Brad Rehor Machado Dallas Open Class First Brad Rehor Machado Dallas Second Daniel Thomas Claudio Franca Third Pat Hardy Texas Punishment Crew Third Bill Turner Gracie Barra Virginia Black Belt Adult Male Super Feather First Leandro Escobar Brazilian Top Team Second Aaron Lapointe Carlson Gracie Revolution Feather First Renato Migliaccio Gracie Barra Second Sandro Santiago Gracie Barra Third Wellington Dias Gracie Humaita Third Armando Guedes Neto Campos JJ Light First Carlos Eduardo Cia Paulista Black Belt Adult Male Light Second Wander Braga Braga BJJ Third Shawn Willians Ralph Gracie Third Diego Saraiva LA Boxing Middle First Paulo Guillobel Machado JJ Second Todd Margolis Linxx Third Anderson Goncalves Anderson Goncalves Third Amal Easton Gracie Barra Medium Heavy First Cassio Werneck Cassio Werneck Second Rafael Correa Gracie Barra Third Joao Silva Aloisio Silva Third Mark Kompaneyets Bervely Hills Heavy First Roberto Correa Gracie Barra Second Fabio Leopoldo Gracie Barra Third James Nilsen Fabio Santos Third Rener Gracie Gracie JJ Academy Super Heavy First Adriano Maciel Godoi JJ Club Second Roberto Tozi Godoi JJ Club Third Jorge Oliveira Ralph Gracie Super Super Heavy First Marcio Cruz Gracie Barra Second Alexandre Dantas Gracie Barra Third Fabricio Werdun Behring Third Thiago Cruz Godoi JJ Club Open Class First Marcio Cruz Gracie Barra Second Fabricio Werdun Behring Third Roberto Tozi Godoi JJ Club Third Joao Silva Aloisio Silva Black Belt Master Male Light First Cleber Luciano Cleber Luciano JJ Black Belt Master Male Light Second Luis Eduardo Goncalves Equipe Master Middle First Ricardo Miller Alliance USA Second Shawn Weaver Pedro Sauer Third Romario Tenorio Silva Lotus Club Third Robert Hugus Carlson Gracie Revolution Medium Heavy First Rodrigo Medeiros Carlson Gracie Revolution Second Julio Cruz Renzo Gracie Third Marco Nascimento Gracie Teresopolis Third Eduardo de Lima Gracie Barra Heavy First Roger Patrick Brooking Alliance USA Second Kurt Osiander Ralph Gracie Third Helder Menezes Fabio Santos Third Edgar Campion Lucke Cia Paulista Super Heavy First Jerry Laurita Laurita BJJ Super Super Heavy First Rob Handley Behring Open Class First Kurt Osiander Ralph Gracie Second Cleber Luciano Cleber Luciano JJ Third Ricardo Miller Alliance USA Third Roger Patrick Brooking Alliance USA Black Belt Senior 1 Male Feather First Mauricio Costa Rickson Light First Waldomiro Perez Cia Paulista Middle First Marcelo Pereira Gracie Barra San Diego Second Valecio Senna UGF Third Ricardo Guimaraes Gracie Barra San Diego Third Milton Regis Kioto Black Belt Senior 1 Male Medium Heavy Medium Heavy First Jorge Pereira Jorge Pereira Heavy First Alex Brandao Fabio Santos Second Chris Smith Tiger Academy Third Amilcar Cipilli Machado Las Vegas Super Super Heavy First William Vandry Machado Dallas Open Class First Jorge Pereira Jorge Pereira Second William Vandry Machado Dallas Black Belt Senior 2 Male Feather First Luis Heredi Rickson Second Allen Mohler Alliance USA Heavy First Luiz Palhares Luiz Palhares Super Super Heavy First David Burs Andrade JJ Open Class First David Burs Andrade JJ Second Luis Heredi Rickson Third Luiz Palhares Luiz Palhares Black Belt Senior 3 Male Light First Igor Andrade Marcio Simas Second Jose Nacino Andrade JJ Middle First Fabio Santos Fabio Santos Open Class First Jose Nacino Andrade JJ Blue Belt Adult Female Super Feather First Cathy Fusilier Machado JJ Blue Belt Adult Female Super Feather Second Stacey Sharpe Boneyard Third Tessa Queen Boulder BJJ Third Cindy Magdaleno Caique JJ Feather First Daniele Schubert Performance Second Heather Cryan Cia Paulista Third Felicia Oh Machado JJ Light First Kathryn Robertson Machado Dallas Second Ayano Yanamoto Carlson Gracie Revolution Third Ashley Mathews Texas Punishment Crew Third Stephanie Moon Ralph Gracie Middle First Sarah Boyd Santa Fe BJJ Second Amy Ball Boulder BJJ Third Jeorgie Rumsay Claudio Franca Third Brenda Jackson Claudio Franca Heavy First Aline Albertoni Fabio Santos Second Ligia Coprini Lotus Club Third Angela Saurmann Gracie Teresopolis Third Clarissa Andic Machado JJ Purple/Brown/Black Belt Super Feather First Kyra Gracie Gracie Barra Second Yasuko Mogi Strapple Third Megumi Fujji Strapple Third Jocelyn Chang Machado JJ Feather First Leticia Ribeiro Relson Gracie Second Chan Keo Machado JJ Third Kathelin Rozzi Rozzi Self Defense Light First Alessandra Vieira Machado JJ Second Luciana Tavares Gracie Humaita Purple/Brown/Black Belt Adult Light Third Kelly Paul Ralph Gracie Third Jennifer Locke Ralph Gracie Middle First Jaqueline Andrade Clovis Silva Second Mariana Azevedo Osvaldo Alves Third Luciana Bassoli Carlson Gracie Revolution Third Lauryn Park Gracie Teresopolis Heavy First Maria do Carmo Paixao Gracie Barra Second Jessica Ress Caique JJ Team Results: Youth: 1 Relson Gracie 2 Yamazaki 3 Franco De Camargo Female: 1 Machado 2 Gracie Barra 3 Clovis Adult: 1 Gracie Barra 2 Aliance USA 3 Machado Master: 1 Aliance USA 2 Carlson Gracie 3 Cleber Luciano

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