Paulo Thiago talks about fight against Diego Sanchez in UFC 121

 Diego is a tough guy and was champion of the reality show The Ultimate Fighter. He is one more challenge for you?


Absolutely. He is a very good athlete and very hard. He has demonstrated this in many fights and has a very good cartel. He is a guy who turns too much in the fight, so I must be in very good physical condition. He is a guy that does not stop during the fight. I have to train hard, because getting there will be a great challenge.


In this category you’ll never faced weak opponents and only faced great challenges. You made his debut against Josh Koscheck and then just had tough fights. How was it?


Thank god. If they are giving me hard fights, it must be because I also consider a tough guy. I think that’s good for me because I’ll strengthen further in the event. I’m conquering my space and my intention. I hope one day to have a good string of wins and have the opportunity to fight for the belt.


Over the next title bout between Georges St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck, what do you think? What are you waiting for this fight?


I think Koscheck is going very well prepared for this fight. I think it will be the most difficult title defense for St. Pierre. I think in striking Koscheck has proven to be better than St Pierre and both have a good level of wrestling. I think this fight will be decided on the floor. I think Koscheck is a great challenge for St. Pierre.


As St. Pierre has dominated in recent years, what do you think Koscheck has to do to win? Do you think he needs to take down or work on top?


Both have more or less the same style. They have more or less the same strategies to fight and like to exchange a little standing, take down and work the ground ‘n’ pound. I think that what will decide this fight is the jiu-jitsu guard more accurate. Who is dropped and could sweep, catch or reverse, will have an advantage. Who has the best jiu-jitsu will win this fight.


You are watching this fight and he foresaw a future opportunity to fight for the title. How is that?


I’ll cheer for Koscheck, because if he wins, my path can get shorter.


Have you fought with him and there may be a rematch. Is that it?


Yes, perhaps.

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