Pedro Rizzo ready to face Goodridge

 Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo will face Gary Goodridge next May 15, in Washington Combat. The UFC veteran told us about the fight.


How are training to fight against Gary Goodrige?


The trainings are great, very strong and from a very good team. We are at maximum intensity, with enough people to train, good fighters with different training in ground, wrestling and striking. The trainings are complete, very good and makes me confident due to the high level.


Who are the top athletes that are training with you for this fight?


I, Thales Leites, Glover Teixeira, Vitor Miranda, Antoine Jaoude, Jair Sorriso and Daniel Woirin that guides the training. Besides these, at times appearing to train other fighters who are very welcome. Has Giovane playing the part of boxing along with Claudio Coelho from Nobre Arte. Altogether has a seven heavyweights training hard. Diego Bolonha from the Brazilian team of wrestling and Maurinho from jiu-jitsu also train here. All heavyweights. The training is in high-level, different styles and with complete fighters. Is demanding my utmost and every time I come here I have to train hard, but I lose.


How to be returning to the U.S. market that is the main in MMA today?


I will fight with Gary Goodrige is an experienced fighter and has fought with the bests in the world. It’s a tough guy, very dangerous and with a heavy hand. Many people say he had 12 losses, but if he punches will be complicated for either. Anything can happen. You must be at your peak. Lately I’ve been fighting worse than I can. I’m picking up the pace again. My last fight was with Jeff Monson and I was very hurt with my hand. Now the injury is healed. Gary is a fighter of 120 kg and recently said he is training more than ever for this fight. I believe he should be trying to stop to fight and want that to ends with a win. The fight has already been confirmed for a long time and both players have had much time to train. I think both will get to the event in great shape. I expect a tough fight and very striking. His last fights have been in K1 and it makes him confident on the stand. I wait for a tough fight.


Your last fight was in September. You’re trying to win pace?


The ideal would I have fought a little earlier, perhaps in March. Nevertheless, it was scheduled for May. It’s okay, now I’m totally healed wounds and injuries. I intend to do a couple more fights this year to pick up pace. What I want is to win my fights. This is important for the future be fighting in a higher level.


What was the thrill to return to fight in Brazil?


I really enjoyed it. Never had returned to fight in Brazil since I had left and was very nice. My last fight was in 1997 and this is already thirteen. It was interesting for me because my wife, my brother and my cousins had never seen me fight live because I just fought out of the country. They had a chance to see me fight, but I was sad for not having done a great performance. I was very hurt, but fighting with a great opponent that is Jeff Monson who is always winning of great athletes. It was good for all by the back, to fight in my country and the presence of the family. Was very positive.


What the public can expect from you next fight?


I’m training very hard and emphasizing the better part of me that is standing. I expect a knockout and will fight for it. I’m going to win. That’s how have to be in MMA. I will give my maximum and do everything I can to win. I’m very good at standing up, very confident and with a good level of training I can’t expect anything other than the knockout. Everything happens inside the ring and I want to knock down.

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