Phoenix Combat Academy Kicks Ass in Battle in the Desert!

 The Valentines day weekend played host to some of the best Amateur and Professional MMA and Muay Thai Fights. Following Phoenix Combat Academy’s (PCA) Tsui-Jen “Soo Boo Doo” Cunanan’s quick and impressive victory in Tuff-N-Uff, PCA Muay Thai’s Josh Pickthall and Pixi O’Reilly topped off the weekend with outstanding performances in Lionfight Promotions “Battle in the Desert”!

Despite significant size differences, Josh Pickthall pushed the pace the whole fight! Answering his opponents every attack and dishing out his own damaging attacks, Josh win’s a unanimous decision against his much larger opponent! Pixi O’Reilly took a fight against a very seasoned individual. Her opponent threw everything but the kitchen sink at Pixi and she kept going! Pixi was constantly pushing forward throwing a barrage of knees! Unfortunately Pixi lost a split decision, again against a very seasoned opponent. Both did a phenomenal job!! We are so very proud of you two!

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