Podcast #114 Cauliflower Ear, Robert Drysdale

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www.thefightworkspodcast.comRecently I posted a quick blurb on TheFightWorksPodcast.com regarding cauliflower ear in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Based on the comments left by readers, the topic appeared to generate a good amount of interest so I figured it was time to discuss it on The FightWorks Podcast itself. Armed with questions from the Mighty 600,000 (that’s you!), I sat down with Doctor Aaron Schneir, an emergency medicine specialist at UCSD and a purple belt in BJJ and got some great details about what cauliflower ear is, how it’s caused, treatment options, and more.

We’ll also have an installment of the Black Belt Corner on this episode. The Black Belt Corner is when we ask a black belt in BJJ what their personal experience going from white belt to black belt was like, and what advice they have for BJJ folks who are not black belts yet. Our guest this time around is ADCC open division world champion Robert Drysdale. I think you’ll enjoy his answer to the question.

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