Podcast 46: PSL X-Mission

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Photo courtesy of www.Aliciaphotos.comToday we’re going to focus on The Professional Submission League’s X-Mission, which took place on Saturday in Culver City, Los Angeles and have the following interviews for you:

* Kron Gracie discusses his encounter with Andy Wang (4-0, Gracie)

* Rafael Lovato Jr. talks about his match against Roberto “Tu├ža” Camargo (7-0 Lovato)

* Jeff Glover goes over his match with Shane Rice (3-0 Glover)

* A frustrated Vinicius “Pezao” Magalhaes laments his loss to Vladimir Matyushenko (0-1 Matyushenko)

* Jake Shields expresses his surprise to being tapped for the first time in competition ever by Marcelo Garcia (Garcia by guillotine)

Lastly, On The Mat.com’s Gumby and I will give some thoughts on the evening. During our conversation I’ve inserted a slideshow of the match between Randy Couture and Ronaldo “Jacare” de Souza, so you can watch that on your color or video iPod and in iTunes in the viewer pane. Lastly, we’ll go over some listener mail before wrapping up the show.

*Note that we’re going to be away for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., so our next episode should air on or about December 3rd.


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