Podcast 54: Rafael Lovato Jr.

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www.thefightworkspodcast.blogspot.com/Rafael Lovato Jr., of Oklahoma, recently won the Super Heavy weightclass at the European Championships of BJJ and brought home a bronze medal in the Absolute division of the same tournament. Rafael’s been on a tear in the last few years, often participating in superfights around the country and even competing in the Professional Submission League. In this interview we get to know Rafael, learn about how his relationship with Saulo Ribeiro came to be, and the midwestern BJJ scene of the United States.

We also remind folks of the dangers of MRSA, often referred to as “staph” infections. Well-known MMA fighter Cole Escovedo was recently stricken with MRSA, which was not treated as early as possible and ultimately required surgery to mitigate the infection’s attack on his spine. As of a recent report from MMA Weekly, Cole’s back home. We wish him the best in his recovery, and encourage our listeners to go back and listen to our interview with a representative from the Centers for Disease Control on MRSA in the combat sports.

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