Potential Nick Diaz Return Opponents

Nick Diaz is set to return to he Octagon this August after his suspension lifts form his third failed drug test failure. While he has a ton of hurdles to pass to get back into that cage, if he does he is set to be a big draw for the promotion. Although, his fickle attitude when it comes to accepting fights may limits the UFC’s chances of getting him back into the fight game, because he may not accept just any fight. Lets look at his three biggest opponents and the likely hood they will happen as well as the likely hood that he will accept them.

#3 Carlos Condit

Is another fighter who has flirted with retirement after a tough loss in a title fight. This is also the fight that made Condit a UFC champion for the interim title while GSP was hurt. It may make sense to make the two fighter that have a rightful claim to facing the current champion, Robbie Lawler,face off and rematch at the same time. Diaz was very upset with that fight, so he may not want another one. At the same time, it may make hi thirst for a chance to face off with Condit again especially if a title shot was on the line.

#2 Georges St. Pierre

This was the fight that truly made Condit contemplate retiring after his loss to GSP and he had a rough time accepting the loss despite being throughly handed throughout the fight. Still, GSP has been retired and despite the conflicting reports he may be making a comeback to the cage. If he does, Diaz would make a great opponent since it would draw interest and even be able to headline a PPV without a champion. Plus, if Diaz wants a title shot it only makes sense to have him beat a former champion to get it.

#1 Robbie Lawler

I would be throughly disgusted if this fight happens on a  sense of logic, but it may make sense in terms of the division. No one really wants to see Tyron Woodley fight for the title and they are lying if they say so. If Condit retires and doesn’t rematch the champion, another title shot that made no sense, then there may be room for an opening. Given Diaz is coming off essentially three straight losses, even though the Silva fight was overturned, and those last two losses at 170 were for the title. Still, he has only had three fights in four years, will be coming off an 18 month suspension, tested positive in two of his last three fights. None the less, the fans would be pleased to see Lawler rematch one of his three losses at 170 considering one does not fight anymore,e one he has already beaten after the loss, and Diaz is the only person to truly TKOd him in a fight.

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