Wilson Gouveia (7-4) is a light-heavyweight ATT powerhouse who will collide against Florida’s native Seth Petruzelli. UFC Fight Night 9 will take place in next April 5th, and the full line-up is scheduled with the main event between Joe Stevenson and Melvin Guillard.

Wilson Gouveia (7-4) is a light-heavyweight ATT powerhouse who will collide against Florida’s native Seth Petruzelli. Gouveia is coming from a dominant victory at UFC 62 over Wes Combs. Let’s find out a little more about this Brazilian who never did think about becoming a MMA fighter. His warrior’s blood took over however and now he wants to become a known UFC competitor.

Denis Martins: Thank you for the opportunity of interviewing you Wilson. Can you please introduce yourself to the fans?

Wilson Gouveia: I was born at October 3rd – 1978 in Fortaleza, Ceara – Brazil and my BJJ awards are state of Ceara champion, North-Northeast of Brazil champion, state of Florida champion and American and Pan-American champion. My MMA resume is 7-4.

Denis Martins: Did you represent a team when you lived in Brazil?

Wilson Gouveia: I started my trainings with Glenio Mesquita, a Marcus Aurelio student. My team in Brazil always was Marcus Aurelio’s squad, and I am proud of it. I already trained Judo too, but my passion was BJJ. Denis Martins: How did the opportunity of living and training in America appear to you?

Wilson Gouveia: I came to live here in January ’99, because I was looking for better opportunities, since in Brazil the things were very tough. My aunt lived here in America, so I could stabilize myself without many problems. I’ve been with ATT since the beginning. Denis Martins: Did you always fight under 93kgs?

Wilson Gouveia: I already fought against heaviest opponents, but I felt myself bestl at under 93kgs. But if necessary, I can fight any weight, less the under 85kgs [laughs]. Denis Martins: When you mentioned your awards at the first question I expected to listen about any MMA single fight disputed by you in Brazil, since this is very common mainly in the North-Northeast of Brazil.

Wilson Gouveia: I never fought in Brazil, and to be honest to you, it never came through. You can see how the life is funny; nowadays with the MMA matches that I can support my family, thanks to GOD! Denis Martins: You talked about your aunt who lived in America and you didn’t have many problems. But have you reached a 100% adaptation at living in a new country? Wilson Gouveia: I had troubles to adapt myself, it’s not easy to leave the country you were born and face a new life in other country, I didn’t speak English. Well nowadays every bad moment was surpassed. Denis Martins: Into your 6-3 resume MMA’s resume we see that you debuted with a victory and beat two opponents in the road after your debut. So you were beaten twice in the road too. How did you manage your mind after these two consecutive defeats? Wilson Gouveia: I stayed very bad, but with the support of my family and friends I got to be successful again in my career. Denis Martins: You had a fight against Pride competitor Hirotaka Yokoi and I watched it, and you were very well on that fight and suddenly lost th fight’s control. What happened?

Wilson Gouveia: The main reason of that defeat was the lack of experience. I came off a submission victory and two KOs in my prior fights. So I guessed I could beat Yoko by same way; I imposed my all strength against him without saving any stamina. This was my mistake, I gassed out and he took advantage of it. Denis Martins: Your following matches after Yoko were two fights against Ron Faircloth (a loss and a win) and a loss to Rory Singer. What do those defeats to Singer and Faircloth change about your career?

Wilson Gouveia: I didn’t feel myself badly after the loss into Faircloth’s fight, because it was not due to his merits that I lost. I spanked him during R1 and I didn’t proceed at R2 because I was too much dehydrated. Meanwhile against Singer I deserved that defeat, I didn’t train enough and this was great forme. I meant, I could learn by the bad way that MMA isn’t a joke.

Denis Martins: You fought only once in 2005. Why didthat happen?

Wilson Gouveia: Indeed, 2005 was a disturbed year for me. I kept myself supporting the team and I didn’t have time to prepare myself properly for a MMA match.

Denis Martins: But the only fight you did, you smashed a Pride veteran in Kazuhiro Hamanaka. Is that the real Gouveia’s style?

Wilson Gouveia: I went to fight to submit or knock my opponents out. Into my stuff on this game there is no gap for decisions. A decision will happen only if there’s no other way…. Denis Martins: And do you think you got to show it at all in your last two bouts against Hamanaka and in the TKO over Mike Delaney at FFC 15?

Wilson Gouveia: I hope so, I step in and to go out of the ring most quickly possible; of course with a victory in my favor…

Denis Martins: Was your fight against Delaney in the heavyweight division?

Wilson Gouveia: He was heaviest, he weighed 100kgs and I did 93kgs. This was okay for me; I didn’t have problems with controlling him Denis Martins: The conditioner of ATT, BENKEI, told me a lot of good things about you. What did he change into your fights’ preparation since his arriving?

Wilson Gouveia: In the conditioning he changed everything; this guy is fantastic professional- a scientist. He’s the ‘mother’ of ATT and Ricardo Liborio is the ‘father’ [laughs]. BENKEI prepared us very-well and we became animals on the fights, ATT is so pleased of having him here, he’s the man! Denis Martins: So was the BENKEI’s “formula” what was lacking to your preparation?

Wilson Gouveia: He knows what he does. It was not only to me, but to all from ATT, which is one of the best MMA team of the World. We needed a conditioner like he is, and like I mentioned, he’s the man.

Denis Martins: You UFC debut was at TUF 3 Finale and after a dominating R1 over Keith Jardine you lost by decision. How do you see that match?

Wilson Gouveia: I felt a little the pressure of fighting at UFC, this is a dream of every fighter and with me this was not different. I wanted an event where I could make money, and I found that at UFC, this is a professional deal of a fighter. At round 1 I pressured Jardine and dominated him completely. He did not find me out. However I tried a low kick in second stanza and it connected at his knee, I lost my speed and I could not to move fast like I did at R1, my foot was so swollen. He sent me to the canvas, but I did the same, that was a good experience anyway.

The promoters mentioned they wanted me fighting there again after the TUF 3 Finale’s fight and then I featured UFC 62’s card against Wes Combs and I won quickly. I would fight Alessio Sakara in UFC 65, but I injured my ribs. Now I am taking Seth Petruzelli.

Denis Martins: What do you think about UFC’s lightheavyweight divison?

Wilson Gouveia: I am focused on fighting against the toughest fighter- I want Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, and of course a re-match against Jardine. He and I became good friends, he met myself in UFC and he is a nice guy, but I want a second fight.

Denis Martins: Is this true you nearly left the MMA after the Jardine’s fight?

Wilson Gouveia: I lost my sponsor and I do have bills to pay. I did not fight against Sakara, and then I did not win money. So I looked for a job and I found it a cars’ store, where I was successful. By the other hands my teammates insisted on talking I have enormous potential for MMA, that my talent could not be wasted. So I convinced myself I could be a star in MMA and I am 100% dedicated to the fights now. I only train and fight now. The fans will hear a lot from me.

Denis Martins: You fought TUF 3 Finale (cable TV) and UFC 62(ppv), where did you like to fight more?

Wilson Gouveia: TUF and UFC Fight Night reach different type of fans. I meant while UFC is with huge ppv, the TUFs and UFNs are collecting new fans,because this is not ppv. SO I do know UFC is where the titles’ disputes are, but for while I would like to keep fighting UFNs. Imagine if I get to win my all fight in UFN, when I reach a title dispute at UFC- I will attract the fans I conquered when I fight UFN editions, this is amazing!

Denis Martins: What about your opponent, Petruzelli?

Wilson Gouveia: I was supposed to fight Hector Ramirez at UFC 65 and then they re-booked this fight to UFC Fight Night 9, now Ramirez pulled out and I am facing this former heavyweight guy. For me this is okay. I changed a few aspects of my training with my muay thai coach and I elaborated a new strategy. We are in a level of this game that we need to make tactics/strategies for the fights.

Denis Martins: There are a few tough guys in lightheavyweight divison are not still in contender position, they are Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping. What do you think about them?

Wilson Gouveia: Evans is a tough guy, he has a rough wrestling game and he has stamina to keep the pace during the three rounds. I would include Jardine and Lyoto Machida on this list too. I do not think Bisping is a tough guy, I do not think he took tough opponents. I do guess he is a UFC product because they do need a idol to arrive will in UK’s soil. Quinton Jackson is the contender now, but he did not impress me in his debut.

Denis Martins: Last words?

Wilson Gouveia: The message is I am very-well concentrated for this fight and my condition is 200%. I want to make my fans happy and to win this fight. I want to thanks my family, my coaches and my second family, ATT. People from Minas Gerais and Fortaleza, stay with GOD

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