Prices Increase for Sub-Fighter No-Gi Tournament Soon

On November 16 we will be making history!

Join Subfighter BJJ Tournaments for a record setting event: All belts, all ages… Men, Women, Kids tournament! One location, 2 gyms, 12-14 mats running constantly. Guaranteed 3 matches — and only $30 bucks if you pre-register!


We exist to serve the Jiu Jitsu community by hosting safe, fun, low cost BJJ tournaments. Our philosophy: Save money, get matches! Guaranteed at least 3 matches.Only $30 cost if you pre-register (and only $40 after that). Our tournaments help Jiu Jitsu practitioners get experience and gain confidence. Join us for this record setting event – All Belt Classes, All Ages, Men, Women and Kids. Compete, or come as a spectator!



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